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written by Pasticca

You Wanna Be a Space Cadet? Test

  1. Greetings aspiring space cadets!  Through time and space we have been trying to maintain peace and tranquility in the universe.  We have managed to recruit only the best of the best for our intergallactic space program.  Their duties range from visiting distant planets and ensuring the safety of the people to stopping the vicious attacks brought on by the dastardly space pirates that plague the star systems.  

    A Space Cadet holds a special honor in the galaxy being someone who can relate to different species and maintain sanity and composure through the most deadly and dangerous missions life has to offer.  A space cadet is someone that has great fortitude, strength, ambition, integrity, and intelligence.   

    This will be your exam to see if you qualify for the intergalactic space program!  Not everyone has what it takes to be a full fledged space cadet, so if you have the intelligence, perseverance, and integrity you will be able to launch into space and explore what the never-ending galaxy has to offer.  To pass this test you must pass physical, mental, and ethical questions.  Only the best of the best are accepted into the prestigious Space Patrol!

    Good luck and good thinking!

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