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written by Draebs2

What Kind of Kid were You Test

  1. Are you as sweet and smart as Lisa Simpson, as wild as Calvin? Or as strange as Wednesday from the Addams Family, or maybe as dangerous as Stewie? Let's see and find out!

    This test will put you into one of twelve different categories. I will be accurate of course, but some stereotyping will be unavoidable.

    Kids are usually very fast in putting each other into categories, especially in high school. I'll do the same here in 23 questions.

    This test won me an Ipod, woohoo!


    If you make this test on Quizzy, it might work better, please use this link http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/what-kind-of-kid-were-you-test

  2. 1

    First of all, to discover what kind of kid you were, are you male or female?


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