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The you and me ain't nothing but mammals Test

  1. So I'm a horny girl and I want to see how you'll do me right. This quiz is open to guy and girls. I'm not one to discriminate. Please take in consideration this is my first quiz. Message me if you're as horny as I am.
  2. 1
    We first meet at the cub and you start dancing with me. How do we dance?

  3. 2
    After dancing and grinding for a while we decide to leave. Where do we go?

  4. 3
    I decide to take a shower when i get home. Do you join me?

  5. 4
    I come out the shower completely wet. What do you do with me?

  6. 5
    Now that we're both hot and horny, what do we do next?

  7. 6
    Now that the night is over or almost over what do you do?


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