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written by RomanWilderness

The Which DOORS song are you? Test

  1. a test by Roman Wilderness


    This test is a measure of what Doors song most closely resounds with your inner nature, the "music of your soul" ... insofar as a mere test can determine such unknowable things, of course. I'm not exactly sure how to determine this, but I'm going to try anyway.  I based it loosely on concepts of mysticism, epicureanism, misanthropism, and existentialism ... which are really just some big complicated words invented by philosophers to express a few simple ideas.  Hopefully you will be intrigued by your results, or maybe even learn something about yourself (you never know). At the very least, you might be compelled to learn more about the music of The Doors, and if this test creates a few new Doors fans, then it was worth writing.




    If you're already a Doors fan, and you don't get your favorite Doors song at the end of the test, don't feel like you failed the test or anything. The test results are based around my personal experiences with these songs, and there's no way you and I will have the exact same emotional reaction to any one song or interpret it exactly the same way. Music appreciation is always a subjective experience. But whatever song you get, I guarantee it will be a good song. After all, it will be a Doors song.




    By the way, if you manage to somehow get "The End" for your song, then you are a true blue Doors fan. "The End" is my favorite Doors song -- in fact it's probably my favorite song by anyone, ever -- and giving you "The End" is the highest compliment I can pay you, at least in a musical sense. But I'll tell you upfront that most people will never get it. Not because it's too hard to get, but because it's too easy.





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