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The Which Beatles Album Are You Test

  1. Okay, so I'm supposed to be studying for my architecture final, but I've got this lingering need to determine what beatles album I could be if I were a beatles album... so instead, I wrote this test, and I hope it's effective in helping you determine something about your... beatles... ness... P.S. - This test makes, for the most part, absolutely no sense to myself, so i don't see how it could add up into a sensical anything for anyone else... And I appologize to anyone who is told that they don't exist or that they are "Catergory such and such". I did this rather hastily. I don't think anyone should get those results, but in the event that you do, let me know. P.P.S. - Yes, you CAN be Abbey Road... try to figure out how though.


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