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The "Where Should I Sponsor a Child?" Test

  1. Have you always wanted to sponsor a child, but can't decide on a country? 

  2. This test will select a region of the world based on your interests and personality type.


    You may ask, do children really need my help? 

    *  16,000 children die of hunger-related causes each day.

    *  More than 15 million children have been orphaned by AIDS.

    *  134 million children between the ages of 7 and 18 have never been to school.

    *  An estimated 8.4 million children work under the most extreme of circumstances: forced into debt bondage or other forms of slavery, prostitution, pornography, armed conflict or other illicit activities.

    The children of the world desperately need YOU. 

    Sponsor a child through Compassion International.  It is a way to offer hope and help.  It will change your life and the life of a child. 


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About The Author

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I am a wife and mother of one. Our family sponsors two kids in Ethiopia and I am very interested in the topic of child sponsorship, in general. I believe the one-on-one, family-to-family relationships built through child sponsorship are building blocks toward making our world a more friendly and loving place.

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