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The way of the warrior Test

  1. Hi! And welcome to my way of the warrior Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. do you have honor, and discipline? will you have courage under extreme situations? can you drink sake with a mushroom?
  2. as you may or may not know , the way of the warrior also known as the way of the samurai or bushido , is a way of life . and to be a samurai doesnt mean you walk around with a sword and chop peoples heads off, no way. it be a samurai means to serve. can you serve or would you go on your own and be ronin? now i dont walk around with armor or a sword, its up to you. but no-matter how good your intensions are, the cops dont take to lightly on one walking around with a nearly 4ft blade strapped to your back.


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