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The Verbal Obscenity Test

  1. Swearing has a certain place in our everyday lives. When someone jumps out at you unexpectedly, when you're getting laid, or when you discover that American Idol has been renewed for yet another season; all of these are appropriate contexts for letting loose with a forked tongue.


    The question is where you fall. Are you delicate in your use of language? Do you only cuss or swear for effect, or are you the sort of person whose presence on Jerry Springer would lead to the entire show's audio being replaced by one long BEEP? In other words, is your language reminiscent of Colin Firth, of Ozzy Osbourne, or somewhere in between those two?


    Be warned, there is a fair bit of coarse language in this test. Actually, there's a LOT of coarse language. Otherwise... ah, I can't keep writing like this. Just take the fucking thing.



    LAUNCHED: September 7, 2006.

    UPDATED: October 24, 2008.


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