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The Steampunk Style Test

  1. Steampunk fashion is a branch of the steampunk genre that endeavors to reproduce in real life the sort of clothing and imagery found in the genre's literature.  This fashion trend has recently grown into a phenomenon, inspiring countless enthusiasts to make or assemble their own steampunk outfits.

    Most of these outfits are inspired by certain characters or images from Victorian history or steampunk fiction, and these break down into a collection of styles that share certain features in common.

    This test is to determine which steampunk fashion style you are most drawn to, or that best defines the look you adhere to. Are you the Aristocrat, the Gadgeteer, the Scientist, the Explorer, the Officer, the Citizen, the Air Pirate, or the Ragamuffin?

    Do try our other Steampunk test here.

    As an additional note, I was assisted in making this test by author G. D. Falksen, who is responsible for writing the descriptions of each result.  I thank him for his help.

To begin, some questions about fashion.

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