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The Spooky Vacation Destination Test

  1. We all like vacations. Most of us enjoy a warm sunny beach for our Holiday. But others like something different. Maybe they enjoy hiking the Applachian Trail. Maybe they choose to spend it in France. Maybe they choose to watch the bulls run in Spain.

    But for the more adventurous (or nutty) of you, this test gives you a list of over 2 dozen haunted locations in which you can plan a weekend or full vacation around (depending on where you live).

    All of these locations are real, so there's no Arkham, MA or Castle Rock here. However, whether these are all actually haunted or not is really your own judgement call and whether you believe in that sort of thing or not. These are all places that are SUPPOSEDLY haunted.

    This test is just meant to be fun and silly, like all my others. But your final selection will also include a little blurb about the legend of your chosen preferred Holiday spot, along with a link to learn more.

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