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written by UltravioletFlame

The Social Orientation Inventory

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    Welcome, testing subjects.

    The Social Orientation Inventory (SOI) is a complex, multiaxial psychometric instrument designed by a top-secret team of qualified professionals. Its mysterious, labyrinthine scoring algorithm will determine your style of engaging in and seeking out interpersonal relationships.

    While the SOI is informed by the work of earlier researchers such as William Schutz and Mary Ainsworth, it introduces a number of cutting-edge innovations. The SOI is quite possibly the cream of the crop in today's sordid culture of response bias and archaically worded questionnaires. Look no further to discover the true self you never knew you had—all summed up in a dehumanizing little box.

    And remember: everything the SOI tells you is indisputable scientific truth.

    P.S. You must look at the sub-header under your type name in order to use the glossary on the results page.

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I am the metaphysical progeny of Jung, Riso, and Hudson, borne of their ahistorical ménage à troi.

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