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The Shattered Illusions First Test

  1. I will not be using any logic as this is not going to be a logical test. There are plenty of tests on this site to measure how well you use logic. I am going to attempt to see how similar others wavelengths tend to be in a manner of speaking. Yes I know my punctuation sucks and I really do not care. Note: If you do not read this you will not know what your Rational score is for. Find someone close to you in a rational score. If you are on a polar extreme you will do better with someone in the middle, middle people you would have more fun with those on either end. There are a total of 24 possible categories and it is possible to score into any one of them. The scoring is bell curved though it also allows you to think outside the box. Skipping an answer still gives you points so if you do not like a question skip it. The test is working properly about 80% should score in the middle somewhere with only about 20% scoring on either end of the spectrum. If you get lightning or the spotlight you are in the middle on every aspect. This test was made on the old OkCupid so instead of skipping I have put the "Mu" answer in. Use it whenever you would normally skip a question. Or in one case kill your kid.


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