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The Sexual Frustration...SUCKA! Test

  1. Greetings you sexually frustrated individual. I know… it's amazing that I know this. You must be asking yourself, "Oh wow, how did he know already!? I haven't even taken the test yet!!!" The answer to this question is simple: You are human. Now okay, unless you are A-sexual and desire no physical sexual pleasure, any one with a pulse wants to get some. Even those who receive relatively more action than many often may find that they are unsatisfied with the quality or frequency of their sexual encounters. I suppose this is only natural or some one just isn't making the grade in between the sheets. At any rate, I am rather bored and since I, Uno The Sexy Man Beast, am an expert concerning all things sexual (just ask yo' momma), I have decided to see how seriously you folks are plagued with a case of blue balls. I believe I am qualified to diagnose such matters and if you don’t think so… well um… sorry? Any how, with out further delay, let us calculate your Sexual Frustration levels or as I like to call it, Blue Ballicity©.


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