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written by 6foot3polyguy

The Profile Interpretation Test

  1. Can you trust your ability to read someone's profile and make conclusions about it? This test shows you if that's a good idea, or whether you should be sure to have a bodyguard when meeting someone from the internet for the first time.

    To have any chance of doing well on this test, you need to read my profile at this link. If you want your test results to reflect your ability to evaluate people, as you normally do when you aren't being tested, don't study my profile more than you normally would. In other words, if you normally only skim the self summary and the "message me if" after looking at pictures, do that to my profile too. If you normally study everything about a profile first, then get reading.

    Also, this test measures your ability to interpret. That means that not every answer can be found exactly in the text of my profile, journal entries, or test results.

    While I admit to writing my profile in order to attract women, that doesn't mean guys can't use this test to find out how good they are at interpreting a profile; it just means I'll be annoyed to see guys in my stalker list.

    Oh, and one hint. This page you're looking at right now has a question about it.


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