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The Mythological Goddess Test

  1. Greetings and welcome to the “Mythological Goddess” Test.

    Have you ever wondered which of the many Goddesses of the mythologies most resembles your own personality? Do you favour one of those enchanting creatures, and want to see is you are anything like her? … Is the name of a supreme Goddess missing in your profile?

    Whatever the reason, I'm glad you're taking my new test. :3 The results include Goddesses from the Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Aztec and North American mythology. Of course, not every one of the female population can be a Venus – but maybe a Hera. Or a Maeve. Or an Ilamatecuhtli.

    At any rate, have fun!

    Note: If you really liked LacedWithASmile's Mythological Profile Test, chances are you'll like this one, too. If you haven't taken her test yet but liked this one, make sure you don't miss out on it! :D

    By the way, I added links to all of the 15 categories, which you may access at the end of the test.

    (The images at the bottom of the four pages of the test are copyright Michael Whelan. Thanks Godchecker.com, Mythweb.com, Mythology.mytopix.com, “Magic Names for Mystic Cats”, and all other websites providing bits and pieces of the many myths I crammed in my head in the last few days!)


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