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The Movie Archetype Test

  1. Hey. This, as you may have guessed, will determine your movie archetype, alter ego, or whatever type of part you fit best. Here would be the place where you find out if running from the FBI is really your best choice, or if working undercover for the CIA is better. Or maybe you are just the kind of loser who sits on his or her ass and sends good people like me viruses and steals my credit card info. This test is not without my keen sense of bias to certain types, but i'll keep the descriptions as objective as possible... Maybe. Anyway, enjoy and answer honestly or my team of super secret private investigator badasses will hunt you down and hold you hostage until you fill it out correctly. Yes, we do have hackers watching your every move. And no, we won't hesitate to trojan horse your computer if you navigate away from this page in fear of getting the wrong alter ego. So basically you're stuck with answering these questions or we will destroy your computer and / or hold you hostage. Now, on with the test.

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