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written by LLByrd

The Megaman NES Test

  1. Hi! And welcome to my Megaman NES Test. I will ask you questions about the Megaman NES saga! Some questions will be easy, others will be hard! Good luck and I hope you will like it!
  2. 1
    OK, let's go! Megaman 1: Elecman, Fireman, Iceman, Gutsman, Bombman and.. ??

  3. 2
    There is this annoying level where you have to move fast to avoid getting hit by huge laserbeams! You know it?

  4. 3
    What happens when you activate your -E- item in the menu? The blue thing..

  5. 4
    Odd one out?

  6. 5
    Who is the REAL bad guy in the Megaman series?

  7. 6
    I've been thinking of making a Megaman game myself! not really but let's say I have.. I want to use these names for my Robotmasters.. which one can't I use because it already exists?

  8. 7
    OK, so you're playing Megaman 4 and you're standing face to face with Skullman! Which weapon do you use to beat him?

  9. 8
    Megaman is made out of metal so he can take quite a lot, which of the following answers is the thing that kills Megaman instantly?

  10. 9
    Good job! You've beaten Crashman! what do you get?

  11. 10
    What are the colors of Napalm Man?

  12. 11
    Which of the following levels is in a cave or building? This means that you are never actually outside..

  13. 12
    Again! ^^

  14. 13
    Who is Beat?

  15. 14
    what is Dr. Wily's trademark move?

  16. 15
    When did we see the charging Mega Buster for the first time?

  17. 16
    And Rush?

  18. 17
    Only one statement is false, pick the right one!

  19. 18
    Which one is the hardest level among these four?

  20. 19
    Odd one out?

  21. 20
    And again..?

  22. 21
    One more time, this time it's a little harder!

  23. 22
    Time Stopper, where did you get it from?

  24. 23
    Which of these fiery robot Masters is the youngest?

  25. 24
    Again! this time I'll use water..

  26. 25
    You're doing great! Bonus question for you! Megaman's color?

  27. 26
    And his nickname? If you failed to answer the previous answer correctly, now is your chance! XD

  28. 27
    Who created Megaman?

  29. 28
    In Ringman's stage you have to face multiple sub-bosses! pick the right one you can find in that exact stage!

  30. 29
    Who is the shortest Robot Master? :D

  31. 30
    Last question!! Use this weapon and destroy all enemies in your screen.. Which one is it?


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