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written by Thoughtmaster

The Magic the Gathering Color and Player Type Test

  1. I've been making a lot of really deep, sophisticated tests lately, so I decided it was time to kick back and chill with something so easy I could finish it in a sitting. No fancy analysis here, no deep questions to consider; with just one test page (for now at least; eventually maybe I'll expand it), I will determine what kind of Magic player you are. For those only marginally familiar with Magic, here are a few quick definitions:


    White - The color of purity, preservation, civilization, peace, militance, and rules. White lays down the law and ensures justice and equality, but can get a bit overzealous at times.


    Blue - The color of knowledge, magical theory, transformation, trickery, psionics, and the elements of water and air. Blue encourages an individual to define themselves through attaining omniscience.


    Black - The color of power, hatred, fear, dominance, death, expediency, and corruption. While other colors are playing nice and trying to change the world, a black mage just wants everything their own way.


    Red - The color of fire, passion, destruction, chaos, recklessness, freedom and short-sightedness. Red doesn't overanalyze or strategize, it just follows its heart (frequently over a cliff).


    Green - The color of nature, tranquility, pragmatism, weather, growth and evolution. Green thinks the world is the way it is and fights to keep anyone from upsetting the natural balance.


    Timmy - A player whose motivation in playing Magic is mostly to have fun.


    Johnny - A creative, intellectual player who builds innovative or peculiar decks.


    Spike - A competitive-minded player who focuses on mastering gameplay.


    Vorthos - A person who is deeply into Magic's fantasy flavor and particularly enjoys its creative elements.


    Melvin - A person who appreciates Magic's intricate game design in a more abstract sense.


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