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written by yeahiquit

The LONG Scientific Personality Test

  1. UPDATE:

    Since all the efforts below to deflect people from my inbox have failed, I've decided to look on the bright side and use this intro to promote my book. From now on if you have a question about this test, I will, in fact, attempt to help.


    As long as you buy a kindle edition of this: And Then I Thought I Was a Fish



    For fuck's sake, people, read the Editor's note.  Please, please, please read it.  Do not write me about this test.  You want my opinion of this test?  Personality axis tests are one and all a sham reflecting whatever the current psychological categorization fad was.  You are wasting your time.  You're wasting your time on the LONG waste of time test.  When you write to me about this test, you waste my time.  No matter what obscure or surprising bug or feature of this test, no matter what it relates to, no matter what you find, *I* *DO* *NOT* *CARE* and *I* *WILL* *NOT* *HELP* *YOU*. The next time anybody writes me about this test, I will delete it, and I will get someone who still works at okcupid to delete YOU.


    Editor's note:



    My name is Peter, or "yeahiworkhere".  I work for OkCupid.  Once, long ago, somebody else wrote this test, and then deleted their account.  Unfortunately, they committed a copyright violation, which we had to fix.  Out of all the options, changing the ownership of the test to someone at the company – me, for instance – seemed like the best way to deal with it.


    I did not write this test.  I've never even taken it.  I cannot answer your questions.  Please stop writing to me about it.


    This is the official Keirsey Bates personality test at 70 questions long. Please choose the answer that describes your most NATURAL reaction/behavior. For example, if it asks you if you are organized, even if you have learned to be organized, if it was hard for you to get there, do not say yes. Say no, you are not organized, because that is not your natural tendency. Be careful not to answer the questions as what you aspire to, either, but your real actions. Don't overthink it though - go with your gut and fly through. NEW!!!!! I have added a test you can take to tell you what personality type you should be looking for! Take it here. HOW THIS TEST WORKS: The test measures you in four different areas. It will measure whether you are more introverted or extroverted I vs E. It will measure if you are more concerned with reality and facts or ideas and intuitions N vs S. It will measure whether you are more logic based or feelings based F versus T . Finally, it will measure if you are more go with the flow or someone who likes to have a plan J vs P. Most of the questions will have two choices, which are usually pretty extreme. Please pick the one that is closest to you as described above, even if it doesn't apply exactly as it was written. This is based on real science that I study and I put a lot of work into this. You can go to keirsey.com for a more in depth explanation of your personality and how it all works once I give you the results. Have fun and as always, don't forget to rate my test!!! All feedback welcome!


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