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The Hot Wife Aptitude Test

  1. Welcome to the Hot Wife Aptitude Test! (By a hot wife for potential hot wives!)

    A "hot wife" is a woman in a committed relationship who fools around with other men with her partner's knowledge and support. This is not at all unusual. It is surprisingly common for men to want to share their wives or girlfriends, but each has his own motivations, fantasies, and limits.

    For some men, sharing their wives reinforces their dominance. For others, it is a way to be ultimately submissive. Some men are turned on by "sluts". Some are bisexual. Some are proud of their wives' looks or sexual skills and want to show them off. Some men are voyeurs who are turned on by watching others have sex. Some are eager to please their wives and feel inadequate to do it alone.

    Most men who want a hot wife fit more than one of these descriptions. My husband, for instance, is proud of me (specially my breasts and oral talents), he is also a voyeur, and he is dominant in our threesomes.

    This test assumes that you are a woman in a committed relationship with a man who is interested in sharing you with other men but that you haven't yet taken the plunge. It also assumes that you don't mind X-rated language and imagery.

    The purpose of this test is to determine how being a hot wife would fit you. It does not take into account compatibility with your husband. No matter what your results are, I encourage you to talk to your husband openly about his desires. At the end of the day, this is just another meaningless test on the internet. Have fun with it, get hot taking it, but don't take it too seriously!

  2. 1
    Are you aroused by the idea of your husband sharing you with other men?

  3. 2
    When you masturbate, do you fantasize about your husband sharing you?

  4. 3
    During sex with your husband, do you fantasize about him sharing you with other men?

  5. 4
    Are you aroused by the idea of having sex with two men at once?

  6. 5
    Are you aroused by "big cock" fantasies?

  7. 6
    Do you enjoy anal sex?

  8. 7
    Do you enjoy giving head?

  9. 8
    Do you enjoy using toys? (dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, etc)

  10. 9
    Do you ever masturbate while giving head to your partner?

  11. 10
    Do you ever use a dildo or vibe while giving head to your partner?

  12. 11
    Have you ever flashed your tits or ass to a stranger?

  13. 12
    Have you ever flashed your pussy to a stranger?

  14. 13
    Have you ever masturbated in front of two or more men?

  15. 14
    Have you ever had group sex with two or more men?

  16. 15
    Do you ever fantasize about giving head to men other than your husband?


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