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The Hitch hickers guide Test

  1. Hi! And welcome to my Hitch hickers guide Test. I'm Marvin the Paranoid Android and bored i'm so as I have to ask people these simple questions again and again. while i feel quit depressed about them. Imagine you try to find someone while there are so many people around here. While i was build as the onnly one of it's kind the robot with an IQ of thousends of people. Probaply you feel the same, but imagine you talking against a waitress robot. You wouldn't do that sure, but i have to .. i feel so depresed.. So just for your fun, certainly not for my fun. I'll gona ask you a few questions, it's about your life, so well never mind, well here they are take your time i'm a robot and can ask this people for thousends of years, only this idea makes me even more depressed then i was just before i explained this all to you


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