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The hardcore SCA Test

  1. For some people the SCA is just a fun way to spend time, meet people and be creative. For others the SCA is a whole way of life, those folks are CRAZY! Find out how hardcore of an SCA member you are...
  2. 1
    People call me by my SCA name...

  3. 2
    How specific is your SCA persona(s)?

  4. 3
    How many SCA events or demos did you attend in the last year?

  5. 4
    How many local meetings or practices did you attend in the last year? (business meetings, dance practice, sewing night, fight practice, build the balista before Pennsic work day...)

  6. 5
    How many major wars have you attended? (Pennsic, Gulf Wars, Lilies, Estrella, etc. Count each year of attendance for each war.)

  7. 6
    Estimate how many miles you have driven in the last year in the name of the SCA. (Going to and from events, SCA related shopping or research excursions, etc.)

  8. 7
    How many complete sets of garb are in your collection.

  9. 8
    My SCA campsite is...

  10. 9
    How many big jobs have you done for the SCA in the last year? (baronial or kingdom office, event steward, feast master, royalty, chamberlain, or made a large items of regalia, etc.)

  11. 10
    Estimate how much money you have spent on the SCA in the last year. (Include cost of events, gas, garb, accesories, tools, books, library fines, camping suplies, donations, etc.)

  12. 11
    What percentage of your "friends" are in the SCA?

  13. 12
    When I'm at SCA events I usually...

  14. 13
    When I watch an SCA period movie I...

  15. 14
    When I go shopping I...

  16. 15
    How crafty are you?

  17. 16
    What about other skills such as fighting, singing, dancing, cooking, gaming, etc?

  18. 17
    How much SCA related research do you do?

  19. 18
    Does your SCA persona influence your hairstyle?

  20. 19
    Do people at work know you are in the SCA?

  21. 20
    How long have you been in the SCA?


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