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written by Semifreedom

The Find Your Philosophical Era! Test

  1. This test will infallibly determine which vague era of philosophical thought you belong to. The four categories are: the Ancients, the Medievals, the Moderns, and the Post-Moderns. Obviously, within any one of these eras, many conflicting ideas were set forth, but, nevertheless, each period produced a characteristic way of looking at the world. This test will help you figure out which era’s philosophers you might tend to agree with, and which works of art you might enjoy!

    This is all my own opinion, but you knew that already.

    You don’t need to have read any formal philosophy to take this test. All that’s necessary is that you should have some idea what you think about, for lack of a better phrase, “life, the universe, and everything.”

    The test is fifteen questions long.The first section contains general philosophical questions.

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