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The Douche-dar Test

  1. Similar to the Virgin game and the Gaydar Test, this test will determine how well attuned your douche-dar is. Can you spot an utter prick at first glance? I can. But I have also analysed the profiles of all participants to ensure the correctness of my first instinct. Which is never wrong.

    A word to the wise: some of these people are nerds. Some, geeks. Yet others, not very attractive. This does not make them douche-y. They may be really very nice people, just not very socially well-adjusted.

    Watch for:

    Sunglasses in winter. 'Eccentric' trousers, 'wacky' headgear, or 'comedy' T-shirts. Self-satisfied smirks.

    All photos are of OKCupid users, just like yourself. Perhaps you even know some of them. Perhaps you even ARE one of them. 'But,' you may think, 'Who gave HIM authority to judge whether someone is a douchebag or not?' Good question. God did.


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