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The Do you have a mental illness Test

  1. I can't actually diagnose whether or not you have a particular mental illness, only risk factors and personality traits that are related to certain mental illnesses. Besides there are alot of mental illnesses that are not included in this test... This is meant to be fun and revealing of what makes up the person you are today. With that said onward!
  2. 1
    I hear voices or noises sometimes...

  3. 2
    I am happy in life...

  4. 3
    I have _____ friends...

  5. 4
    When I really like something I _____......

  6. 5
    Sometimes I hurt myself...

  7. 6
    I lose time, I often can't remember what I've done the last couple of days/hours.

  8. 7
    Remember these three objects I'll ask you again later on in the test about them... (don't click on any of them)

  9. 8
    Do you have a hard time sitting still?

  10. 9
    Do you believe in magical things like god, unicorns, spirits, auras etc?

  11. 10
    What are you relationships like?

  12. 11
    Do you have severe mood swings, or very extreme highs and lows?

  13. 12
    Have you ever tried to kill yourself?

  14. 13
    Without scrolling up, which of these is one of the three objects I asked you to remember?

  15. 14
    Again which one?

  16. 15
    And finally?

  17. 16
    I have an imaginary friend...

  18. 17
    There are voices that tell me what to do.

  19. 18
    I hate people....

  20. 19
    There are people out to get me...

  21. 20
    Was this test worth it?


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