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The Custom Order Woman Test

  1. So I have been working on my very complicated "How would you score with Jon" test and it is just taking forever. Then a friend pointed out that I already have a test that is not as in depth, yet gives a basic idea.

    No one will see exactly what you answer, just your over all score. That means you can BE AS HONEST AS POSSIBLE.

    Basically this test has nothing to do with how compatible we might be. Its sole purpose is to calculate how close a match you are to the woman I would order if Carl's Custom World of Women had layaway. It is a long test with about 100 questions and all but a few are yes or no answers.

    Yes it has a few sex questions and body questions. Physical appearance and sexuality isn't as important as the rest. In the final score they only make up a small portion so be sure to answer everything. Besides what guy would custom order a woman and not put those things on his list?

    My original list is here Jon's Custom Woman list but don't read it until AFTER you have taken the test.


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