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The Could I satisfy you (girls only) Test

  1. Hi! And welcome to my Could I satisfy you (girls only) Test. I'll be asking question about what you like in men in bed. Some (I mean a lot) of the questions are explicit, so if you think true love waits or are a prude you will most likely be offended. I suggest looking at cute funny cat photo's instead.
  2. 1
    Do you like men?

  3. 2
    What sort of build do you like in your men? (Note: if you answered "No, I'm all about the pussy" in the previous question, there's is little point continuing)

  4. 3
    What do you like inside the skull?

  5. 4
    Can glasses be sexy?

  6. 5
    I didn't want all the questions to be bedroom orientated, but now we move into the bedroom... What do you like your man to be packing length wise?

  7. 6
    How about the circumference?

  8. 7
    What do you think about flaccid cocks?

  9. 8
    How would you like me to eat your pussy?

  10. 9
    Alright, so you've got my face out of your beautiful pussy. How long does the sex last?

  11. 10
    When I do come, how is it?

  12. 11
    Do I back up? If so how many times?

  13. 12
    Ok so it's over now, all my cum has been shot all over the place and no matter how hard you suck my limp dick, it's done for the night do we...


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