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The Complete Musical Knowledge Test

  1. Being a music fan is more than just buying what's on your top 40 radio station, but it's also more than being an indie purist and ignoring the biggest albums of the year. As an art form and a popular culture music is complex, beautiful, and sometimes enigmatic. I've taken on the herculean task of creating a complete test of musical knowledge. The test is broken up into four areas: History, Theory, Pop, and Indie / Alternative. Not only will it tell you which you have more knowledge in (Classic rock fan but haven't bought a record in five years? You'll do better in History) it also scores higher for a broader range of musical knowledge (Scene kids, you might miss those alt country question). All you have to do to pass each category is answer more than half of the questions in a category correctly. In school a passing grade is 60% so I thought 50% was fairly lenient. If you feel that a certain genre of music is ignored please message me. I want to make this test as complete as possible, and I'm open to suggestions.


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