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written by J_H_B

The Common Sense Riddles Test

  1. Welcome to the Common Sense Riddles Test!


    In this test, you will be asked a series of common sense riddles. Do you have the common sense it takes to answer them all correctly?


    WRONG ANSWERS - You lose 2 points for most wrong answers. SKIP over a question if you aren't sure of the answer!!!

    RIGHT ANSWERS - You gain 4 points for every right answer!


    TIPS -

    1. This test does NOT require a pen or paper (though it may be helpful on a couple of questions.)
    2. You will NOT need a calculator.
    3. You WILL need to use logic and common sense.
    4. Try using the process of elimination on the tougher questions.
    5. Use the answers to your advantage! Test to see which one works best.
    6. Know what the question is really asking.
    7. Look for clues and keywords in the questions to help you out.


    Good luck!!!


    OKCupid Users!!!

    Please take the test here on HelloQuizzy http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/the-common-sense-riddles-test-1 which has more features and displays higher quality images. Use your OkCupid login information to login to HelloQuizzy. Your test result will still be recorded in your OkCupid account.

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