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written by Cephalofair

The Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure Test

  1. ZOMBIE ARMAGEDDON! Zombies are eating your neighbors and mucking up your favorite hang out spots, and it's up to you to decide how it turns out. This is a test and a story, and you get to choose which direction it takes, much like those Choose Your Own Adventure stories you grew up with as a kid. Only this is better, 'cause it's got zombies! Seriously, who doesn't love zombies?


    Number one point: Don't answer all the questions! The basic strategy (similar to a CYOA book) is to read the first question, answer it, then go to the question the answer you chose tells you to go to, skipping all questions in between. You will then answer that question in a similar fashion. Eventually you will arrive at a question that says "THE END." At that point, skip to the test results page and receive your title. Feel free to take the test as many times as you want, but don't answer questions that you are not directed to or I can't be held responsible if your test results don't make any sense. Also, I'd like to emphasize that you *do* need to answer the questions you are directed to, not just follow the direction of the answers, that is, if you want the test results page to make sense.


    I hope you enjoy it and good luck killing those dirty zombies!


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