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The BattleTech Inner Sphere Personality Test

  1. Welcome brothers and sisters to the glorious experiment! Per your briefing packets, you know that this is a ComStar administered survey of the unindoctrinated mind in relation to the psychological profiles of the Great Houses and major powers within the Inner Sphere.


    As new recruits to our holy order, you have been deemed useful by Precentor V-Omega/Eta Nielson and Adept XXI-Rho Hernandez. Please form an orderly cue behind the blue line, and have your identification clearly displayed. Deviation will result in your immediate termination.


    Blessed Blake be with you, acolytes.


    Adept XIV-Delta Lon Kodza



    Version: 1.2

    Updated: July 19, 2013

    Version 1.2 reworked the test's flow, as well as changing two questions to comply with user feedback.


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