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The Are You Too Self-Critical? Test

  1. Welcome to my Are You Too Self-Critical?- Test. Although self-criticism in moderate amounts is a good thing, too much of it is definitely damaging to your self-esteem. Notice that the test does not check if you’re self-critical, but if you’re TOO self-critical, so it’s primarily intended for those of you who consider yourself to be very self-critical, who are bothered by that little annoying “you’re so incompetent” voice inside your head and would like to know just how serious it is. This test will give you a procentage result- the higher the procentage is, the higher is your level of unhealthy self-criticism. Be sincere. Since I’m not a psychology specialist of any kind, but just a person struggling with too much self-criticism myself, I cannot accurately tell you which procentage is alarming, but if you get over 50%, you should definitely think about changing your behavior (even though this is not a professional test), and if you get something over 75%, you should seriously think about changing your behavior or seeing a therapist. I hope you like the test and I hope it’s at least a little insightful to you.
  2. 1
    When you were a child, did one or both of your parents frequently treat you with negative criticism (telling you you’re dumb, worthless, pathetic, etc. simply because you made a mistake)?

  3. 2
    How often do you think about the mistakes you’ve made in the past?

  4. 3
    Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself when you make a big mistake?

  5. 4
    Let’s say you’re working on something, when half-way through you realize you’ve made a mistake. What would be your first reaction?

  6. 5
    Do the things you work on have to be flawless before you declare them finished?

  7. 6
    Do you ever, in the course of the day, tell yourself a sentence such as “I’m a good person,” as a way of boosting your self-esteem?

  8. 7
    How often do you stay quiet in the company of strangers, out of fear of saying something stupid?

  9. 8
    Do you tend to get hurt by other people’s justified criticism aimed at you?

  10. 9
    How do you feel if someone publicly says something really nice about you?

  11. 10
    When you ask other people to tell you what they think of you…

  12. 11
    Have you ever thought about self-harm, like cutting yourself?

  13. 12
    If you were to write two lists, one containing all the major successes you’ve had in life, and the other containing all the serious mistakes you’ve made in life, which list would be longer?


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