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written by darkmasterjoey

The 3-Axis Political Test

  1. It has come to my attention that the Political Compass has a tremendous flaw: It only has two axes, when it should have three. The result is that it intermixes conservatism (respect of traditional social values) with authoritarianism (respect for authority, and particularly state authority. Other 2-axis tests do the same thing. The moral politics test intermixes authoritarianism with communitarianism, for example. So I'm gonna ask you to place yourself on a left-right scale on three levels: Political, social, and economic. Just answer honestly, and if you don't know the answer, leave the question blank. The test is weighted to place blank answers in the centre. The social and economic axis are self-explanatory. Economic left is collectivism and right is liberalism. Social left is liberalism/progressivism, and right is conservatism. The political axis measures how close you want the power to the People (As individuals or as a democratic collective, doesn't matter), or how close you want it to a State institution. The extreme right in this axis is fascism. An undemocratic state, nationalist, forced fealty to it, the works. The moderate right would be neoconservatism, with its emphasis on a strong military, bellicose, highly interventionist foreign policy, a military-industrial complex, the works. The extreme left is anarchism. No state whatsoever, its functions being instead taken directly by the people or by the market. The moderate left I would say is minarchist representative democracy, with power being highly devolved to either more local government, or individuals and the market.


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