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Test Who You Are in the Steampunk Ether City of Salmagundi

  1. Welcome to Salmagundi, a vast trade city floating among the mists of the great Unending Ether.  In Salmagundi, each day is a constant struggle between the competing extremes of greed and revolution, tyranny and chaos, religious fanaticism and the insidious occult.  In Salmagundi, only the brave men and women of the Legion of Peace stand between a fragile order and the ravages of anarchy.  Theirs is an uphill struggle against corruption, social unrest, class privilege, and an endless array of cults and secret societies bent upon conquest and subversion.
  2. Salmagundi is one of the Cities of Ether, a steampunk and pulp-noir setting created by author G. D. Falksen. This quiz is designed to see which major character you are from the serial "The Strange Case of the All-Seeing Ear", featured in The Willows Magazine.


    Come and join the Legion of Peace.  Remember, "Peace is Worth Fighting For."

Off into the Ether we go!

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