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Quiz- Which Tarot Court Card Are You?

  1. Hi!  Welcome to the Tarot Personality Quiz- Which Court Card Are You?

    There are numerous ways we can explore our personalities and build our self-awareness through tarot.  One of the most simple is to learn about each of the sixteen tarot "court" cards and identify the one that you feel is most like you.

    Just as each of our personalities is complex- so too are those among the tarot court.  The best way to learn about them is to do a lot of reading & studying.  But I'm offering you a short-cut! 

    This quick quiz will give you a starting point- suggesting one court cards (or a combination of two or three) that seems to be most like you.  You can then take the3 ball and run with it- searching online for more information about your special court character.




    Tarot Girl Next Door

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