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written by Monday_Mourning

How Long Would you Survive in a Horror Film?

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    Horror films are intended to summon our hidden worst fears while engaging and entertaining us at the same time. They explore the sinister, malicious side of humanity in extremely implausible and unanticipated sequences of events. Scary movies confront our most primal fears by activating the least logical parts of our imaginations.


    Moviegoers eagerly offer themselves up to sadistic storytellers to be frightened silly, and they are glad to pay for the opportunity. The characters that captivate us every time often conform to a stereotype we are familiar with and perhaps can even identify with.


    So which of these characters do you most resemble? I will be measuring several variables that reflect your personality, lifestyle, and decision making skills. Based on these attributes I will determine how long you would survive if thrown into a gruesome life or death battle against pure evil.


    You will be answering 20 yes or no questions and 5 situational questions. Some answer choices may go against your good judgment or common sense, but remember that few characters use either in a horror film. Also, remember that few survive, so don't be offended if your character gets offed early on.


    Do not skip any questions and make sure to always answer truthfully.

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It all started with a teddy bear named Radar, a case of toddler insomnia and a misplaced VHS of Killer Clowns from Outer Space. From that first moment of both terror and excitement, Monday_Mourning knew she would never look at either the real or the cinematic world the same again. Nearly twenty years later and she is a self-described horror aficionado. Unfortunately, that won't help in this test.

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