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written by Phillyvegetarian

Here's a $1000, now test your skills in the Stock Market.

  1. Say hello to yourself.  You are Carl.  The year is 1968.  You have yet to celebrate your first birthday.  You live in Dearborn, Michigan, a short drive from Detroit.  In 17 years you will begin working for the Ford Motor Company.  In 42 years your home will have lost all value, your pension will be shot, and the plant where you invested 25 years of your life will be shut down.  You will need money.  Lots of it.  You better start right away.  Play the market correctly early and earn the fortune you'll need later.

  2. *All of the data used in my test is based on the real results of each stock during the set time period.  Dividends and splits are factored into the stock's performance.  Since I can't keep an ongoing tally of your money throughout the test, all results do have an obvious margin of error.

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