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Jun 24, 2008 3:00pm

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Our inaugural test contest at HelloQuizzy is themed "Humor." Your test can be about anything, really, just as long as it's funny. Your readers will be asked to rate your test on accuracy and humor. We're paying $1,000 prizes to the most popular test and the most highly rated test. Note if your test manages to win both, you just get $1,000. Maybe we'll throw in a tee-shirt.

How to enter this contest

  1. Start a new test
  2. Write it, love it, cherish it
  3. Click the "Enter a Contest" tab in the test editor before Jun 24, 2008

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The goodies Winners announced Jul 1, 2008 3:00pm

Highest Votes $1,000

The Winners

Most Popular

The How Funny Are You, Really? Test

Classifies someone's humor type.

Highest Votes

The 9-Variable Humor Intelligence Test

From the same mind that brought you The Sesame Street Persona Test and the Proper Urinal Etiquette test I now present my humor test.  3 days is not enough time to make a perfect test, but I ...

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