27 Lawton, United States
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My self-summary
well im steven or steve as my friends call me. ummm. im a really [nice and sweet guy]. im really energetic. i love the outdoors. im a really <<romantic type of guy>>. im discovering new things in life everyday. im a <<down to earth guy>>. i love to chill. i love to party for sure. im a great guy who <<enjoys life>>.
want to know more get at me!!! now now dont be shy. nt bite lol hard lol jk. but i love to laugh so if u can make me smile then thts a plus for you =). im reaaally cool. i can make u smile because im good at it. im really smart and know how to treat a girl. but overall im just a sweetheart with feelings unlike most guys. i know how to express my feelings. thts what makes me diffrent from other guys is my ability to express my feelings, and how to treat a girl.
im also very generous. i tend to daydream alot lol but hey who doesnt. im really shy at first but ill open up to you if i really like you or if i feel comfortable tht i cant talk to you bout anything. forme trusting ppl comes naturally i think everyone should be trusted if they lose ur trust then thts on them and not ur fault because u gave them a chance. i keep those who are close to me verry close, because those are the people i need around they get me through my day and they are there for me. i love everyone. i love to skate. i consider myself athletic to i love football as well thts my all time fav sport. fav team is panthers. umm well im a nice guy down for anything i love to live my own life and not let ppl run it for me and im a down to earth guy. for the guys ill watch yo back no matter what cause im cool like tht. for the ladies im the guy u would love to meet. im just a really nice cool and sweet guy discovering new things in life. hanging with all my best buds which is hella chill
mustangs. respect everyone no matter what race u are sure i might crack jokes but i dnt mean them so dnt get offended
i enjoy alot of stuff but mostly hanging with my friends because they are special to me and i will risk m life for them all thts how much i care about hem im a very friendly person my friends are my world they make me happy i couldnt be any happier my life is going goood now with them in my life.
i am a very sharp person so if u lie to me i already know so dnt try it =) i will never leave anybody behind because im not a cruel mean person i am avery sensitive guy
and thts all about me for now

I am loyal, trusting, and faithful
What I’m doing with my life
im bein lazy at the moment. but i still got plans for my life. i want to play <<college football then go pro>>. or get a really nice job tht i like then eventually retire with alot of money to support my family. i look forward to being successful in life and do things that could change the world even if they are small things.
I’m really good at
im really good at sports. all kinds of sports likefootball skateboarding any kind of sports. im also good at doing what i do best and tht would be <<enjoying life>>!!!!!.
im really good at being myself and caring for others
alot of other things. im good at making people laugh and smile. im good at cheering people up. i am a good listner and a positive thinker. some school subjects im good at like english and science and history. video games.being supportive is what i do best. but im really good at multiple things. i can cook. im good at taking care of people and verry good at having a good time and good on dates.
The first things people usually notice about me
tht im sweet and open and honest. im a very dependable guy.
my friends love me for me. they know tht im always there for them in any situation im there to either baail em out or just to help. when things get complicated with them they always come to me. if they have a prob they come to me for help and i always help em because im supportive. im there for my friends when they need me and im very reliable. my sweetness and generousity and tht im open minded. i get shy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
not much of a reader but i do read.
music i love [rock] all forms of it [alternative] heavy metal punk, scremo all tht. movies im addictied to comedy flicks. food i love any kind of food. pizza chinese food some mexican food uhh i love my fruit and veggies.
i love my mom's cooking its amazing. i do love pasta yummy lol. uhm i like some books. i like harry potter and some others tht i tend to read.jackass both movies and anything funny or suspence movies and some horror
The six things I could never do without
1. caring
2. being honest
3. sports
4. my friends
5. my family.
6. girls!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what i want to do in life. how do i want to spend my life.
what type of girl would be intrested in me. how i want to live every second of my life. my regrets. sports. thinking of others/friends. uhh just random things at times. but i mostly think about whats best for me and go with that.
i also think about my family and how i can try to improve things for us. i think alot about everything,because everything is important to me. this world i think about what this world is coming to. how will i die lol. just think about stuff anythin thts on my mind really.
On a typical Friday night I am
either out with friends, or playin football or partyin,or at a gym working out,or running. or just out doin whatever.
life is to short to not have fun and mess around.
id be chillin with my best friend tho. we do everything. on fridays tho we do some crazy and intense things. fridays are good days for me. ill do anything on friday. ill go out for walks sometimes. do whatever i want. if i have somethin plan then most likely ill be with people. i love to go to clubs and dance and stuff so i would do that. have a good time isnt tht what fridays are for lol.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
sorry but you will have to ask me about tht im not puttin tht up publically. why put something on here thts private wen people can read it. who know they might go off telling other people and start making fun of you and talk crap. no point in puttin somethin private. ill tell by message. if ur gonna say somethin private do it through messaging its easier.
You should message me if
you are intrested. or what to know more. if you got questions ill be hapy to answer them. just get at me. get to know me. i promise you it would be so worth it. get to know me. im a good guy. im respectful. those who actually want a respectful guy hit me up and lets chat and get to know each other im very interested. im cool and down to earth. get at me. im veryy nice.