36 Richmond, United States
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My self-summary
I have a girlfriend: fiancee

Feel free to message me if you think we'd get along, so long as you're ok with it being a platonic friendship.
(Or perhaps strictly NSA sex. With both of us.)


What is up with all the people "liking" me, but never sending a message?

I am not a fan of the traditional gender-role-based dating protocol; if you like what you read, why don't you send me a message first?
I know it's scary, and its hard to come up with something to say, but you know what? It is for us too. You gotta take the risk of rejection sometimes. That's egalitarianism.


Humanist, optimistic, vegetarian, liberal (but fascist where appropriate), sex-positive feminist, educated, playful and affectionate
I own/operate a small certified green business and work part time for a non-profit.
I married the first girlfriend I ever had (it lasted 7 years)
I lived most of my adult life in an RV, until two years ago.
I enjoy writing, skating, cycling, fixing things, reading, learning, affection, quiet nights at home, and running-around-and-climbing-on-and-jumping-over stuff

I value happiness over "success", free-time over productivity. I am passionate about my political beliefs and minimizing my ecological impact, but I do not want to change the world.

I live simple. I share an outlook on life with Baloo the Bear from Disney's version of "The Jungle Book". I am a huge fan of Mr Money Mustache. At my current savings rate, I should be financially independent within 8-10 years.

Then maybe I'll move somewhere with a big garden, chickens, maybe a goat, in an off-the-grid home on a couple acres.
Or I might not do any of that. It's been my experience that life rarely goes in any direction I plan out in advance, so I decided long ago to not put too much emotional stake into long-term plans.

I question everything. This applies just as much to alternative ideology like socialism and queer gender theory as it does to religion and the mainstream status quo. If you've got a lot of beliefs that you have adopted from your chosen culture and you're afraid to explore them, or if you know the Absolute Unquestionable Truth on immigration or abortion or gender or democracy or economics, I might not be the guy you want to have lunch with.

On the other hand, nothing is more attractive to me than a person who can show me a side of something I've never thought of. I have noticed that tends to be what makes me fall for someone fastest. I'm attracted to brains like a frackin zombie.
What I’m doing with my life
Fixing stuff, building stuff, moving stuff, recycling stuff, and hauling tons (literally) of concrete by hand

Doing search and rescue missions with the US Coast Guard on the San Francisco Bay (two days per month)

Finding excuses to be extravagantly flamboyant, like Bay to Breakers, karaoke nights, and murder mystery parties

Trying to buy a house Buying a freggin house!!!! I used to live in an RV. Now all of a sudden I'm a landlord! It still feel a little unreal. Anyway, I've been spending a lot of time improving my buildings.

Just applied to American Ninja Warrior!
UPDATE: I was accepted, and got on the show, but I didn't make it to the end (along with 83% of the contestants), and my clip didn't make it to TV
I’m really good at
Seeing the big picture on complex issues, and seeing past the assumptions of my own culture.

Writing, skating, fixing things, parkour...
ok, not "really good", but impressive to people who don't do them at all.

To be honest, I'm not "really" good at anything.
I am, however, moderately good at a great many things. I collect random skills, from lock-picking to sailing, riding a unicycle to soldering electronics. I have degrees in biology, earth science, economics, and liberal arts. I can back a trailer around a turn, shoot a gun, drive a forklift, splint a broken arm, troubleshoot Windows, and have written and recorded a few songs. I designed my business website with no previous html experience. I work as a general handyman and bicycle mechanic.
The first things people usually notice about me
You might notice me dancing or singing on my skates in the middle of the street, or the big funny looking orange bio-diesel powered truck.

I write really proper. I bet it gives an inaccurate impression. In the real world I am often very silly. Very often. VERY silly. I guess if you didn't pick up on that from my prose, you probably would from my pictures
On the other hand, I've been told my profile makes me seem outgoing.
I'm not. I'm introverted and soft spoken. I prefer spending time with friends one-on-one. I spend plenty of time home alone. My flamboyance is only for rare special occasions.

From some of my blog posts you might think I am some sort of radical activist, though in real life I am much more interested in enjoying the world than in changing it.

My roommate in the Coast Guard barracks last summer said that I remind him of Sheldon Cooper from "Big Bang Theory". Sheldon is clearly Aspy. I'm not.
I do sometimes fail to recognize non-verbal communication, can come across as socially awkward, and use language literally. I think if the spectrum were broadened, I might be on it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Predictably Irrational, (Ariely) / How the Mind Works, (Pinker) / The Selfish Gene, (Dawkins) / The Medusa and the Snail, (Thomas) / SummerHill, (Neil) / Through the Looking Glass, (Carol) / The Phantom Tollbooth, (Juster) / Dealing With Dragons, (Wrede) / everything by Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter Tompson, Chuck Palahnuik, and Douglas Adams.

Everything by Joss Whedon. The first 7 seasons of the Simpsons.
I got most of my news from the Colbert Report while it was still on.
(Hey, people of OKC! This is the 21st century. Netflix and Hulu count as "TV". Its kind of silly to make a point of saying "I don't own a TV" if you still watch media)

Bobby Joe Ebola, The Fabulous Hedgehogs, Balkan Beatbox, Zapp, TMBG, Digital Underground, Beck, Public Enemy, Mr. Bungle, Talking Heads, Primus, PotUSA, Parliament, Little Richard, Prince, Dave Matthews, The Beatles, Weird "Al", JT, Atmosphere, Flight of the Concords, CeeLo
I almost always listen to music while moving (truck, bike, skates), and it is often LOUD.

I am vegetarian.
I have a lot of trouble deciding at restaurants because so many things look good. At home my tastes are simple.
The six things I could never do without
A life-partner - I want a best friend and closest confidant, who I play with during the day, and then sleep next to at night.
And have lots of sex with.
UPDATE: found her!

Music (אם אתה לא באת לחגוג, אל תטרחו לדפוק על הדלת שלי)

Sunshine - Winters like this past one make me wonder if global warming is really all bad
(I'm kidding...                                     ...mostly)

Interesting stuff to learn about - everything is fascinating, and there is a never ending supply! I have a limitless curiosity for how the world works, from biology to mechanics to economics to psychology and... and... well, kind of everything!!
No, I guess that's not really true. I have no interest in professional sports, fashion, or celebrity gossip. Ok, so almost everything.

A mode of transportation (for the trip itself, more than the destination). Favorites are skates, bicycle, motorcycle, auto with good sound system, in that order. I avoid flying for environmental reasons - I'd love to be a pilot otherwise

Affection and sex - Sex without cuddling sucks. It feels totally unfulfilling. Its harder going without someone to sleep next to at night than it is to go without sex. (If you aren't going to stay the night (or invite me to), then I'd rather we just stop escalating this right now...)
That said, I still have the sex drive of a teenager (and the stamina that Sting used to claim, except for real)
This happens to fit perfectly with my philosophy that a couple should have as much sex and affection as possible; for the health benefits, but even more so for the oxytocin and vasopressin bonding.
How romantic ;-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The natural errors the human brain is prone to make, how much about human behavior they explain, and how I can avoid making the same mistakes

Relationships and love

Politics and economics

Philosophy and science

The environment



Society, culture, psychology, evolution, how brain creates mind, nature vs nurture and how all six of those tie together
On a typical Friday night I am
I prefer my fun to occur when the sun is out.

I don't especially care for nightlife or bars or parties.

The way I designed my life, "Friday" doesn't really mean anything to me. My days off are random and at my own discretion - I'm often surprised to learn what day of the week it is.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've already admitted to being divorced, living in a trailer, being somewhat socially inept, listening to Justin Timberlake and (if you read my explanations to match questions) having once acted in porn. I'm not a particularly private person. I don't care enough about strangers' opinions to feel the need to hide anything.


"Intuitive" people tend to make assumptions as to what I think and feel that are totally wrong. This has been the source of much difficulty in interpersonal relationships. If you aren't sure how I feel about something, just ask me! I'll tell the truth. I am open about everything, all the time. I assume other people are always honest too. Probably to the point of naivety and even gullibility. I'd probably be a good person to take advantage of.
Please don't though!


I found this article a little depressing, but matches my personal experiences, those of most people I know, and all of the sociology and psychology I've read.
I choose to believe this is deeply ingrained culture, and not biological. I refuse to compromise egalitarian principles. I'm holding out for that woman who is the exception.
Hopefully you are the exception!
You should message me if
...you read this far!

-We have a 90%+ (or close) match, and you live in the East Bay.

-You want to go out and do something fun, like skating through the streets, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, or discussing particle physics, politics and philosophy in the park over a picnic.

-You not only get a 90+ on the Relationship Skills Test , but you make an active effort to apply those lessons to your real life relationships. When both people do that, that's what I consider a "partnership".

There's also some other stuff: Extra Bonus Super Fun Pack