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The Fresh 25

Taken 5644 times.

The Do You Have an Edge Test

Hi! And welcome to the "Do You Have an Edge Test". I'll be using excruciatingly honed techniques & precise inquisition to determine if you are the kin...

Taken 5277 times.

The Would you get along with me? Test

This is a test that lets me (and you) know if the two of us could possibly hit it off! Be honest!

Taken 5187 times.

The Music! Music! Music! Test

Hi! And welcome to my Music! Music! Music! Test or, alternative title, How Well Does Your Musical Taste Match Mine Test. I have rather eclectic taste...

Taken 3627 times.

The Percussion Knowledge Test

So, you were in band earlier on? How much do you really know about those apes that hung around in the back of the room? What were they hitting? No,...

Taken 3178 times.

The Glam Rock Guru Test

Are you down with glitter? Does the phrase "well hung and snowy tan" mean anything to you? Do you still sigh thinking about 1972, regardless of if you...

Taken 2061 times.

The Are You My Guy ExTrEmE Test

This is it ladies and gent's! The second, and last installment in the "Are You My Guy" series! Are you prepared? Think you know me? Think this is just...

Taken 1305 times.

The woman's sexual resume Test

This test is a sexual resume for woman. If your a guy you should take the test, and answer it, with what you are looking for from a woman. So you'll k...

Taken 1241 times.

The Harry Potter Wand Test

I don't think many people actually read what is written on the intro pages...but if you do, this test will determine the type of wood, core, and lengt...

Taken 971 times.

The Fantasy RPG Class Test

Train with a master and embark on a quest to discover your hidden powers and abilities!

Taken 901 times.

menino ou menina?

curioso para saber o sexo do bebê antes do ultrassom? faça este teste já!

Taken 838 times.

The 'Find out which candidate you should vote for' test

Do you know who you're voting for in November? Are you confused by all the ads, pundits, and arguments? This test will take away the bull and quiz you simply on the issues - then align you with the ca...

Taken 824 times.

The Are You Attractive Test

Everyone wonders every once and awhile whether or not they're really percieved as "good-looking" or not by both peers and strangers. It's just part o...

Taken 680 times.

The Would You Be A Good Librarian Test

This test will measure whether you've got the stuff to be a librarian. Here is the thing: you don't actually need to know any of the answers! The ...

Taken 677 times.

The Golden Compass Daemon Test

Based on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series, what form of animal would your soul, or "daemon" take? Take my quiz to find out!

Taken 652 times.

The What kind of porn are you Test

Ok here it is...i'll use some questions about sex and depending on you answers i'll tell you what kind of porn you would have be in.

Taken 640 times.

The Which NBA Team Is For You Test

Find out which NBA team would suit you the best out of the 30.

Taken 598 times.

The Super Weapon Test

Hi! And welcome to my Super Weapon Test. This test is designed for villians to determine what huge (or small) super weapon they will want to build/buy...

Taken 588 times.

The you and me ain't nothing but mammals Test

So I'm a horny girl and I want to see how you'll do me right. This quiz is open to guy and girls. I'm not one to discriminate. Please take in c...

Taken 557 times.

The How Much Of A Bitch Are You? Test

Hi! And welcome to my How Much Of A Bitch Are You? Test. It's a test to see how much of a bitch you really are! Enjoy

Taken 557 times.

The Humane Sexuality Test

Hi! And welcome to my Humane Sexuality Test. I'll be using advanced theory and research to determine how sexually open, educated and just plain weird ...

Taken 475 times.

The Are you more liberal than me? Test

Hello, I am Chris, the most liberal person in Texas. Do you think you could possibly have what it takes to be to my political left? Be honest and answ...

Taken 470 times.

The Mental Illness Quiz

Welcome to the official Mental Illness Quiz.  This quiz will provide an enjoyable and accurate analysis of which Mental Illness you would most likely have. 

Taken 456 times.

The are you crazy Test

Welcome to yourslef. Looking in a mirror is hard for some people. Not because they don't find themselves attractive, but because they think it is a do...

Taken 441 times.

What Kind of Asexual Are You?

What Kind of Asexual Are You?

Taken 432 times.

The Which NBA Player Are You Test

In today's NBA, you can find a variety of different types of players. This test uses questions unrelated to basketball, and measures four variables to...

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