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written by AnimateDream

The resistance to self-change Test

  1. Many people say they like change, but somewhat paradoxically most people say they value their identity and don't want themselves to change. As human beings all of us cling to our sense of identity to some degree.

    Perhaps you see yourself as dynamic and able to improve in a great many ways. Perhaps you feel you are exactly the way you are supposed to be, or want to be, and you intend to stay that way. Perhaps losing what makes you who you are is just as much an end to who you are as death itself, and equally feared. I don't believe any of these ideas can be objectively considered superior, but our understanding of this concept seems too rarely addressed.

    This test is designed to study of both people's resistance to altering their identity, appearance, personality, etc. and show you how you compare to others in this regard.


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