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Tests He Has Taken His Result Your Result
The Elements Test (Haiku Version) You win the GOLD medal! Take it!
Would you have sex with Him/Her? Test 41% Horniness! Take it!
The What WoW Class Are You Test Druid Take it!
The Would You Survive an Episode of Star Trek? Quiz The Captain Take it!
The 'Do you get my sense of humor' test? You'll laugh at anything. Take it!
Personality Quiz You scored 40% OK Take it!
The Gun Attitudes and Knowledge Test My Friend Take it!
Test yourself: What alignment are you? True Neutral Take it!
What gun should you use? Test The Crazy Terror Take it!
Should you be a heavy fighter or a fencer? Heavy FIghter Take it!
Test: Which Warhammer 40k Character are you? Totally normal Human Take it!
Are YOU a Sociopath? The Average Joe Take it!
The bullshit test. Not much bullshit. Take it!
Imahdruid's "Are you a World Of Warcrack Head"quiz The Addic Take it!
The World Of Warcraft Test! Super Knowledgeable Take it!
Attitude Test Bad Attitude Take it!
The Poop Test The Ghost Shit Take it!
Red vs. Blue Personality Test Tucker Take it!
The What mortal kombat fighter are you test millena Take it!
What Kind Of Gamer Are You? TCAE - Rhythm Gamer Take it!
The Intellectual Test The Dilettante Take it!
The are you evil test. Cause of the Apocalypse Take it!
The Comprehensive Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse test. Famine Take it!
Your OQ (Oddity Quotient) test Relativly normal Take it!
Which Woman of the X-Men is Right For You? Test Storm! Take it!
The When Did We Start Calling it OCD and Stop Calling it "Can you please stop that, it's annoying"? Test Eww...is that the cure to Cancer? Take it!
How will you survie the demon attack? test The Creative Goat! Take it!
The Rock Band Test Three Days Grace Take it!
The Totally Awesome Which Human Organ Are You? Test Anus Take it!
Name that Abbreviation Quiz Genius Take it!
The Hottie Test Sexual Chocolate Take it!
Which TMNT Character Are You? Shredder Take it!
The What STD Are You Quiz You Are Chlamydia! Take it!
The what would Clint say test The Good Take it!
Test Your Dirty Word and Phrase IQ Whisper sweet nothings Take it!
The Are You Evil Enough Test The unashamed hedonist Take it!
Cool Movie Test You scored 4 points on Movies Take it!
My self analysis of you Test You are Awesome! Take it!
The What Kind of Zombie Would You Be Test Classic Zombie Take it!
The What type of wolf are you test The Werewolf Take it!
Test Your Approach to Success Seasoned Tactician Take it!
How likely are your friends, to have a quirky nick-name for you, behind your back... Test 6% Likely! Take it!
The Which Planet are You Quiz? Jupiter Take it!
The "Improved" What Kind of MMO Player are You? Test Mismatched! Take it!
The Worst Jokes I've Heard Quiz The Open-Minded One Take it!
The "What can you beat up?" Quiz Enlightened One Take it!
which metalhead are you? The Smelly Kid Take it!
Which Bee Would You Be Test The Sweat Bee Take it!
Test: What type of vampire are you! (not twillight-related!) The Plain Old Vampire Take it!
The Which Mario character are you? Test! Wario! Take it!
The Real Redneck Test 89% Redneck! Take it!
Are you a poindexter, captain of the football team, or dude smokin in the bathroom? Quiz Kudos!!! You're a bad apple!!! =) Take it!
What is your criminal persona, and what did you do? The couch potato Take it!
The "Could I be a Criminal Mastermind" Test The Cigarette Man Take it!
Your Life of Crime Quiz The Outcast Take it!
Freak Smarts Test Freak-lite Take it!
Which Teddy Scare are you Quiz? Redmond Gore Take it!
what music genre are you test Indie Take it!
One Hit Wonders!!! Test The Bomb!!! Take it!
The "Which major genre of fiction are you" Test Horror fiction!! Take it!
The Chocobo Test Red Chocobo Take it!
Which Left 4 Dead character are you most like test You're Francis, the dickish mercenary with no shortage of vests or sarcasm! Take it!
The totally, 100% accurate, infallible boobies test Boobies! Take it!
Which woman do you find the sexiest quiz (WITH PHOTOS) Eva Take it!
The Mutant Power Test No Powers Take it!
The Aqua teen personality Test Meatwad Take it!
The Quick nineties quiz. Just Mediocre Take it!
The (video) game designer style Test The Experience Take it!
Horror Movie Survival Test The Potential Hero Take it!
The Totally 1990's Test The Smelly Kid Take it!
The Which Famous Personality Are You Test Shakespeare Take it!
The ultimate-ish Pantera Fan Test Anal whore Take it!
The Sexual Element Test Your Element is Air Take it!
Why did she do it test? The Cop Take it!
The 'Untimely' Death Test The Super One Take it!
Are you a Guy, Buddy? Or a Friend, Guy?-Test The Friend! Take it!
What dememted serial slasher are YOU? You are Mike Meyers! Take it!
Which Soda Are You (Express Quiz)? You're a Diet-Pepsi! Take it!
The Are You A Pain in the Ass Test The Moderate Pain Take it!
My Delicious 90's Music Test! The Angst Ridden Youth Take it!
The How Much Do I Hate You Test You are 47% Hated! Take it!
The Mediocre Actor/Actress Test Ben Affleck Take it!
The law abiding citizen test 37% knowledge! Take it!
The warhammer fantasy test Test skaven Take it!
Dukes of Hazzard Quiz Bo Duke Take it!
Vampyre or Lycan or Wizard or Zombie or Human Quiz 0% Pure! Take it!
What is the Measure of a Man? The Gentleman's Test The Classic Gentleman Take it!
The pretty easy Physics Test 92% physicist! Take it!
which horror movie character will you defeat quiz leatherface Take it!
What role do you play in the movie of life? You're The Technician! Take it!
which god of chaos do you serve? champion of khorne Take it!
The What Would ____ Do? Test Cruising Speed Take it!
What Imaginary Creature are You? Dragon Take it!
The Elemental Test Air Take it!
What kind of car driver are you? Doctor Evil Take it!
The Automotive Knowledge Test Bugatti Veyron Take it!
The Hockey Personality Test You're the Grinder Take it!
The "How Generic are you?" Test Joe Everybro. Take it!
Which CHRONOTRONO AND THE EMPLOYEES OF THE UNIVERSE character are you? Commander-Princess Moonbreath Take it!
The what bad hairstyle are you test The Mohawk Take it!
The Musical Personality Test The Classic Rocker and Oldies Lover Take it!
Your Role in Future World Baron Harkonnen Take it!
space survial quiz You surivie! Take it!
Do you Know your Classic Rockers? 18% Knowledge! Take it!
The killer Test The Evil dictator Take it!
Back to the Futurama...! 75% Helpful! Take it!
The what car should you drive Test you should really just walk.. Take it!
The Past-Future Test. You Scored Take it!
AWESOME MOVIE TEST 2nd place ain't bad Take it!
What Does Your Sun Sign Say About You Quiz You are an Air Element with a Fixed Mode Take it!
What Breed of Dog Are You?! Labrodor Retriever Take it!
The Color Personality Test Red Take it!
The "How Big of a Douchebag Are You?" Test Hater of Creed Take it!
The Ah-nold Movies Test. The Smelly Kid Take it!
The Worth Test Worthless Take it!
Famous Movie Quotes Test Not bad! You're better than average. Take it!
Are you a vampire, werewolf or necromancer? quiz The Werewolf Take it!
Cult movie classics quiz. Are you a true cult fan? Cult Movie Legend Take it!
The Common Defense Sense test Tacticool Take it!
Gamming Master Or Not? Loser Take it!
WoW quiz: Noob or hardcore? Noob! GTFO! Take it!
Name That Tune - Movies Edition Test Movie Prince/Princess Take it!
Nintendo Trivia 80% Nintendo Trivia! Take it!
Name That Tune - 80's Edition Test Still Living In The 80's Take it!
The Commonly Mistitled Songs Test Below Average Music Knowledge Take it!
HOW MUCH OF A JEDI ARE YOU? you pledge allegiance to no one Take it!
The which Star Wars character do you represent Test Jango Fett Take it!
The Un-Typical Typical Male Assessment The Anomoly Take it!
The Auto Mechanic Test 66% Mechanic! Take it!
How Well Do You Know Your Gaming History? The Hardcore Gamer Take it!
The 'Are you Ready for a Knife Fight?' test The Promising Newcomer Take it!
Women's Cleavage I bet you wear a backwards upside down golf visor Take it!
Are you going to Heaven or Hell? The True Heathen Take it!
The Technology Test You know quite a lot about technology Take it!
Republic Voter Enabling Test Unfortunately. Take it!
Horror-scope Aquarius Take it!
The Dumbass Driver Test Perfect Driver Take it!
The Crazy Test You're crazy! Take it!
Are you a poker donkey test? 0% knowledge! Take it!
Your Christmas Girl (for guys) The Blessed Virgin Mary Take it!
Am I going to die? You are going to die. Take it!
The Superhero Test The Incredible Hulk Take it!
Zombie Attack Fighter Take it!
Survival Test The Survivalist Take it!
The Villain Test Michael Myers Take it!
The What kind of monster ARE you?? Test The Well-Adjusted Anthropoid Take it!
Gettysburg Battle Simulation Test Minor Union Victory Take it!
BadAss MoFo Test! Doctor Evil Take it!
80's Rockin' Trivia Test 80% Trivia_Genius! Take it!
Who's Your 80's Hero? Test John Rambo Take it!
Which type of humor fits you best? The Happy Middle! Take it!
What fear do you embody? test fear of ghosts Take it!
The Monster Mash Test Wolfman Take it!
The Are You A Redneck? Test redneck Take it!
The Ultimate 80s Quiz The Masterful Guru Take it!
80's music and movie quiz The Super Pure One Take it!
Frugal or Cheap Test Perfect Penny Pincher Take it!
The Which Holiday Best Suits You? Test Thanksgiving! Take it!
Which Chief of Security Are You Most Like? Quiz A'sträta Take it!
The What Caste are YOU Test? Upper-Caste World Stater Take it!
The Ultimate 80's tv quiz of less known shows. 80's Expert Take it!
What Type of Knight Are You? The Knight Take it!
The musical brackets test The Metalhead Take it!
The Famous Music Test 0- (what you got) points! Take it!
The Toolshop Test The NASA Engineer Take it!
Invading your Personal Space Test You have Anger Issues. Take it!
Basic Computer Skills Test 2nd Level Tech Support Take it!
The Santa or Scrooge Quiz Scrooge! Take it!
The Ultimate Outer Space Quiz Big Bertha Take it!
Space, in all it's glory ... The Test. Regular Squishie Take it!
The Immersive RPG Test Assassin Take it!
The Solar System Personality Test Uranus: Bi-polar Take it!
What constellation are you most like? Test Hercules Take it!
Name the TV main character TEST! The Snake Charmer Take it!
The Are you a Jerk? Test A regular OK person Take it!
(Brief) Which Superfriends Character are YOU? Test Lex Luthor! Take it!
What Kind of Pizza Eater Are You? The Pizza Geek Take it!
Which Planet Are You? Earth Take it!
The Stellar Mind Test Sol Take it!
Away From The Earth - A quiz 50% Knowledge! Take it!
A test of general ignorance. Quite Average Take it!
The Food Sins Test You're Going To Hell! Take it!
Are you an audiophile? 80% audiophile! Take it!
How PC? George Carlin Take it!
It's the Wackiness Test Somewhat Zany! Take it!
Are you Digitaly Ironic? 39% Irony! Take it!
"Tommy Boy" The Quiz "Oh, I've interrupted happy time..." Take it!
Second American Civil War test. Loyalist Take it!
The which Sports Car are you test! You are an Exige! Take it!
What foodie are you test! YOUR NO FOODIE, ya poser!!! Take it!
Common Sense 101 You are in the Middle of the Road Take it!
The Which European country should you rule? test NETHERLANDS Take it!
What color crayon are you? Sky Blue Take it!
Do you think you could make a Million before you die? Quiz 63% Money! Take it!
Which Fighter Should You Pilot? Quiz Panavia's Interceptor: Tornado ADV (F3) Take it!
Financial Ruin Test 100% Doomed! Take it!
Here's a $1000, now test your skills in the Stock Market. Doing just fine Take it!
The "What's Your Damage?" Test The Garmet Bag Take it!
Pure Animal Instincts Test 87% Animal-Instinct! Take it!
What energy drink are you? Rockstar Energy Drink! Take it!
The Weird Movie Buff Test The Everyday Movie Watcher Take it!
Are you a true AQUARIUS? Semi-AQUARIAN? Take it!
The Find Your Philosophical Era! Test The Ancient Take it!
Test to see what bill you are. The Hundred Dollar Bill Take it!
The A-Muse-ing Test Your muse is Thalia! Take it!
The Are You Awesome Enough? Match Quiz Reconsider Take it!
WoW quiz Dont fail if you have played before and dont ask why this title is so long. 100% Terrific! Take it!
How Wickedly Weird Are You? Wicked Take it!
The "Which classic MONSTER would you be??" Test!! NOSFERATU Take it!
the ultimate end all be all how you will surely die test you will spontaneuslly burst into flames leaving nothing more than a smouldering crater. Take it!
What kind of Hot Rodder are you? The Hotrodder Take it!
The Fishing Test The Weekend Warrior Take it!
The Magic Color Test Black: Decay and Death Take it!
the completely scientific nonsense test genius Take it!
The TV "Missing Characters" Test 14% Sleuth! Take it!
The World of Warcraft, Horde Test Urbanite Take it!
Do you know metal! Mr.cool Take it!
The Word Association Couch Potato Test Comedy Central Couch Potato Take it!
CARTOONS OF THE 80'S QUIZ The Ultimate 80's Kid! Take it!
How Shallow Are You? Test (Revisited) The Deep One Take it!
The What Is Your Madness Combat Strategy Test Test Teh Clown Take it!
How Metal Are You? 0 Fake, 0 Poser, 80 Groupie, 80 Showgoer, 88 Bandmate and 92 Metalhead! Take it!
What is your "Curb Appeal" (Quiz for Men) The REGULAR JOE Take it!
The "Could You Spot A Serial Killer" Test 51% Pure! Take it!
Rock Paper Scissors Test Rock Take it!
The Total Gwarnage Test The Super Pure One Take it!
What kind of rock am I test, V1.01 Beta Dark Shale Take it!
The Final Fantasy Personality Test NPC Take it!
Test your knowledge of Movie Quotes Movie Fan Take it!
Living in the 80's Quiz 80% knowledge! Take it!
WHAT GUN R U? test the minigun Take it!
The Badass Secret Agent test? Remo Williams Take it!
The Test of How Much Crap You Can Take from Me 96% Pure! Take it!
The Survivor test. 93% Strength! Take it!
Which Drug Are You? Test Prescription Pills Take it!
The What Movie Genre are You? Test A Comedy! Take it!
How Will You Survive a Horror Film Test The Brave Heart! Take it!
How well do you know these movie quotes? You need help! Take it!
The CLUE Movie Trivia Quiz The True Fan Take it!
The What Kind of Car Are You Test The Volvo Take it!
How Dangeous are You? Dangerous! Take it!
The which member of Dethklok are you test. Nathan Explosion Take it!
The what alchoholic drink are you test. Beer Take it!
The What The Shit Quiz EPIC WIN! Take it!
My movie trivia quiz Almost perfect Take it!
Are you an Immortalist? Undediced Take it!
The Presidential Capacity Test Public Relations Campaigner Take it!
Horror Movie Quotes, Descriptions, and Trivia D. You got 60! Take it!
Movie Trivia Quiz! Rare Breed! Take it!
Are you as weird as I am? test The Super Pure One Take it!
Beverly Hills Cop Quiz Sargeant Taggart Take it!
The Red Stapler Test The Hypotized Peter! Take it!
The 'How Army Literate Are You?' Test The Spouse / Dependent / Army Brat Take it!
As quick as you can! 38% Correctbuster! Take it!
The Movie Quotes Quiz Your Average Joe Take it!
The Horoscope Test 0% Pure Take it!
The Apathy Test 60% Apathy! Take it!
The Monty Python Movie Trivia Test Sir Galahad Take it!
The Boondock Saints Test The Saints Take it!
The Spaceballs: The Test Test Schwartz Master Take it!
The What's your sexual style? Test TYPE L Take it!
The ULTIMATE Princess Bride Test Buttercup Take it!
The Who Am I Test 83% People! Take it!
simple maturity quiz 81% Mature! Take it!
How polite are you test? The Consumate Take it!
The Mitch Hedberg Triva Quiz The Fan Take it!
To know or not to know test 75% Pure! Take it!
The Which Famous Asshole Are You Test Brad Pitt Take it!
The Awesome Test of Awesomeness. Awesomely Cool Take it!
the small heavy metal test 7% Pure! Take it!
Wealth Quiz 0% Pure! Take it!
The Monkey Salad Coolness test. The Super Pure One Take it!
The Things You Learned In School, But Probably Forgot Test 100% Brain Cells Left! Take it!
The Witty Quotes Test Albert Camus Take it!
The Direction of the Country Test Gangsta Nation Take it!
The You're Such an Asshole test. You're 29% asshole, asshole! Take it!
The Quick Love Test Just Friends Take it!
The Four Cardinal Virtues Test Middle-Ground Mortal Take it!
Tattoo Victim Test! The Super Pure One Take it!
Which Sith Lord are you? Dark Lord of The Sith Take it!
the asshole test The Snake Charmer Take it!
The Good Answer Test Smooth Operator Take it!
Which Lost Boy are You? Quiz Slightly Toodles Nipps and The Twins Take it!
The Definitions Test Word Demon! Take it!
The 19th Century Genius Test 57% Existential! Take it!
Ethics-shmethics test 0% Pure! Take it!
RIDIKELOUS QUIZ 2 Knowledge! Take it!
Pop Quiz: Are you insane? You're somewhat insane. Take it!
The Super Hard (General) Trivia Test. Clueless Take it!
The Misunderstood Lyrics Test Average Listener Take it!
Will you kneel before Zod! YOU DIE Take it!
Trivially Trivia Triumph! The Super Awesome One Take it!
The Charlatan Test The Charlatan Take it!
The Common Sense, General Knowledge, and Lateral Thinking Examination Superhuman freak. No offense. Take it!
Pro Wrestling do you love it? 100% wwe! Take it!
The Non-Technical Philosophy Questions Philosophy Test! Pythagoras Take it!
The Do You Think With Your Brain or Dick Test Moby Dick Take it!
The Mega Man 2/Rockman 2 Robot Master Archtype Test Crash Man Take it!
Name The Heavy Metal/Hair Band Who Hit The Charts With This Monster Ballad Quiz 95% Teased! Take it!
Are You Addicted To WoW Mildly Addicted Take it!
The Which Music Genre Has the Best Looking Females? TEST (With Pictures) Metal Take it!
The pick the correct antonym (opposite) Test 100% Correct! Take it!
The Wilderness survival test Alive and Kicking Take it!
What Kind of Sex are You into? (For the Guys) I just don't think this will work Take it!
Classic Comedic Genius Test You Scored 32 Take it!
What's your indie/alternative album of the year? (2008 edition) WTF? Take it!
The I LOVE the 80s Test! Absolutely Stellar 80's child! Take it!
Tom's Music Trivia Quiz (Level 1) The Beginner! Keep trying... Take it!
The Are Your Views Stereotypically Democratic or Republican Test You are republican! Take it!
The How BAD Have You Been Test Category III : Average Take it!
Your Entertainment Value Exam A Beautiful and Mysterious Cloth Houseplant Take it!
The Standard Flick ID Quiz You Have Some Work To Do Take it!
Are you a Genius quiz Average Take it!
Demented Joke test 91% Demented humor! Take it!
Angel or Devil Test The Willing... Take it!
The 'Forever Young' Test Somewhat young at heart Take it!
The Yes or No Test No! Take it!
Are you a bad person? Test Your F R E A K I N nice. Take it!
Most likely to be attacked by... Quiz The spider bite Take it!
Saved by the Bell Trivia 0% Fun! Take it!
What kind of psycho are you??? You have scored as sweet! Take it!
Past Experiences Test You need to get out! Take it!
Epic Ninja Test. Too Epic. Take it!
The Why Would People Vote For You? Test Hitler Take it!
Do you know your Ass from a Hole in the Ground? Congratulations! Take it!
The Celebrity Test Smart Person Take it!
The Absolute Clerk Test Associate Take it!
The purity test for normal people Your mum would be proud (and so would your dad!) Take it!
The Scrubs personality Test. Dr. Cox Take it!
Test: How much Terrorist are you? You cross MineField Take it!
What kind of pet are you? Test The Aloof Friend Take it!
The Murder Test The Assassin Take it!
The New Cognition Test The Sage Among the People Take it!
The What TF2 Character are you Test The Demoman Take it!
Which Action Hero Are You? You Are John Rambo! Take it!
The 80's Hair Band Test Nothin But A Good Time... Take it!
The MMO Group Role Test The Tank Take it!
The Dawn of the Dead Character Test Roger! Take it!
The Geek or Chic Quiz? The Freak Take it!
How astute are you? Fast-witted Fox Take it!
Would You Test 24% Pure, 16% Honorable and 3% Decadent! Take it!
The Social Proficiency Test THE SMOOTH ONE Take it!
The do you have good enough taste in music that I won't hate you test. You have somewhat bad taste. Take it!
The GoodEvilNeutral Test Good Take it!
What kind of boss are you? The Democratic Leader Take it!
The t-shirt Test Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Take it!
How Busy Are You? Test Busy Is Your Middle Name! Take it!
The Classic NES Game Test Tecmo Bowl Take it!
Like they stole something The Super Pure One Take it!
The Awesomeness Test Awesomer than Mr. Awesome Take it!
The Anonymous 4Chan Internet Computer Meme Test Windows Vista Take it!
What Simpsons character are you? The Smelly Kid Take it!
Metal knowledge test True Metalhead Take it!
Which operating system is best for you? Test *fixed* Windows Bitch!!! Take it!
How healthy are your bowel movements test! Re-consider your diet! Take it!
The Personal Outlook on Life Test Mysterious Stranger Take it!
The "What Geek am I?" Test A Card Flopper Take it!
Is it Urban Myth Quiz The Questionair Take it!
The mineral test Pectolite! Take it!
The Platypus Test Safety Sidekick Take it!
The "Are you the creepy guy that girls avoid at bars?" Quiz 12% Creepiness! Take it!
The Dead Walk test The one of a million...corpses Take it!
The Extent of Retardation Test Idiot!! I can't believe you're this fucking retarded! I know action figures smarter than you. Take it!
ninjas vs pirates quiz! The stealthy ninja! Take it!
The Can You Resist Being Brainwashed? Test You Cannot Be Brainwashed! Take it!
Zombie test of doom Bad ass Take it!
The Guild Wars Group Test The Zealous Take it!
The EF Test Definitely boyfriend material! Take it!
The FOR THE HORDE!!! Test True member of The Horde Take it!
Will you survive? You got domed Take it!
An adventure that is disguised as a test! You gained one level! Take it!
The Quarterback Quiz The Balanced aka Dual Threat Take it!
What Kind of Band Should You Be In Test Test A SUPERSTARRRRR!!!! Take it!
The Dragon Test you are a Silver Dragon Take it!
The Star Wars Test of Stuff The Star Wars Kid Take it!
The Relationship Material Test Potentially Relationship Material Take it!
The geek archetype quiz Lisa Randall - a talented attractive physicist Take it!
The Foul Language Test Not Too #^@%ing Bad! Take it!
The Which Computer Operating System Would You Be Quiz You are MacOS! Take it!
The Free Human Test Brainwashed Robot Take it!
The non-programmer's geekery quiz The Sheep Take it!
The "Are You Playing the Sane Role?" Test 46% Pure! Take it!
What Level of Schooling Are You? You're smarter than a 9th-grader! Take it!
Test how well you "Think Geek and let slip the dice of war!" 76% Geekiness! Take it!
what have we really learned here today, kids. Fencepost Take it!
The Which Pet Are You Test Reptile Take it!
The Well Rounded Geek Quiz The Tinkerer Take it!
Which Indie Band is Right for You? Colour Revolt/Ima Robot/Yeah Yeah Yeahs Take it!
The Most Logical Illogical Test Illogical Logical Person who cannot be illogical on an illogical test where logical answers are illogical which in reality are logical in the illogical test Take it!
The Zombie Survival Test Silver Survivor Take it!
What language would you be? Japanese Take it!
What's Your Style? A Choose Your Own Adventure Quiz! The Rock Take it!
The Paladin Test The Deathguard Take it!
The What Character From Final Fantasy X Are You Test Auron Take it!
How Country are You Quiz The Hillbilly Take it!
The do you know ANYTHING about history test You're smart! Yay! Take it!
Finish the song quiz. The Super Pure One Take it!
The FOXHOUND Codename Test FOX Take it!
Zombie, Zombie Food, or Zombie Survivor Test The Survivor Take it!
The Most Stereotypical Test You'll Ever Take More Feminine Take it!
The dukes of hazzard test Daisy Take it!
Which Band Member Are You? Quiz... Funky Bassist Take it!
The Are You a Car Nut Quiz The Enthusiast Take it!
The "How Big a Movie Critic Are You?" Test Parmesan & Garlic Pretzel Take it!
How much FUN are you REALLY test?? Fun! Let's go out! Take it!
The Darkness Scale Just another normal person. Take it!
The smart or smartass test Very Smart! Take it!
The Autonomy Test The Snake Charmer Take it!
Hong Kong Action Cinema Hero Personality Test Sidekick Take it!
The 80's You Shouldn't Know About Pop Quiz 0% Pure! Take it!
Game System Test You will settle into your Playstation Take it!
The Hero Test The Sneak Take it!
The Do I Think You're Awesome Test Vanilla Take it!
The Super Genius Test Semi-literate and Striving Take it!
The 50 Point Movie Trivia Test 70% Trivia! Take it!
The Cruel Personality Test Truly Normal Take it!
The Test 20% Lightness! Take it!
The Random Knowledge Test What?... Take it!
What '80's baseball player are you? Mike Schmidt Take it!
The Reactive-Dogmatic Personality Inventory Beta Take it!
The Geography Test Amateur Explorer Take it!
The Brain Damage Test Hippocampus Take it!
The Maniac Movie Quiz The Cheating Snake Take it!
Dangerous Super Being Quiz The average man/woman in extrodinary times! Take it!
Test: Are You Dom or Sub? 80% Dominant! Take it!
Are you a douchebag? Quiz Not a total douchebag! Take it!
The Brain Cell Calculator Above Average Take it!
The Pirate Ninja or Redneck test! Redneck! Take it!
The which Qi regular are you? Test The Audience Take it!
The General Publics General Ignorance Test Well done Take it!
The What Kind Of Stupid Person Are You Test You are Homer Simpson! Take it!
The "What Kind of Funny Are You"? Test Witty Mothafucker Take it!
The Right Brain vs Left Brain Test Left Brained! Take it!
Are you a wrestling nerd? Take this Quiz! The Super Pure One Take it!
The Defense Mechanism Test You like to pretend things didn't happen! Take it!
The Motivation and Motives Test Mildly motivated Take it!
Are you a white hat or black hat hacker? Elite White Hat Take it!
The Psycho Boyfriend Test Balanced Take it!
The And Now I'm Gonna Mock The Brainwashed Jarhead Brass Test Major Tightwad Take it!
The Killer In You Test Doctor Evil Take it!
Which X-men villain are you? The Blob Take it!
DragonLance: Do You Wear White, Red, or Black? Red Robe Take it!
How much emotional baggage do you carry? Test. Carry-on bag plus one suitcase. Take it!
Whats Your Career Test The Smelly Kid Take it!
The Coolness Test A nobody Take it!
Final Fantasy Tactics Job Assessment Mime Take it!
Car and Personality test The Normal Driver Take it!
The Do You Kick-Ass According to Ashley Test You two would get along pretty well Take it!
The Undead test 50% knowledge! Take it!
Zombie Horror Flick Test! Supporting Cast Member Take it!
The What 2008 Summer Movie Are You? Test THE DARK KNIGHT Take it!
Are you ready for the movies? Test The Action Star Take it!
Body knowledge test Slightly informed layperson Take it!
The "will you survive a new world" order test? You die... :( Take it!
The What Gauntlet Character Are You? Test The Warrior Take it!
The Supervillain Archetype Test The Nemesis Take it!
The Old School World of Warcraft Raid Test. You score 58 percent! Take it!
The How Silly Are You REALLY Test? The Total Nutjob Take it!
Quick quality versus quantity test The Super Pure One Take it!
The Marvel or DC Test Marvel Universe Take it!
The Ultimate 80's Pop Music Test 80's Music Expert Take it!
Find Your Candidate - 2008 Election Quiz John McCain Take it!
Games and Hobbies Quiz Outdoorsman Take it!
The Social Privilege Test Somewhat Privileged Take it!
The Versus Test 100% Something! Take it!
A one-question test meant to stimulate your mind. Take it!
Are You Wonderfully Unusual Test The Super Pure One Take it!
(the improved) What kind of horror movie villain are you? Test Ghost! Take it!
Abridged Self-Esteem test 60% Self-Esteem! Take it!
The How Much Would I Hate You Test You're an asshole. Take it!
Do you like BOOBS?!?! The Boob Man/Woman Take it!
Communication Ethics Test Flawed Take it!
The Oh So Very Random Test Your knowledge is random! Take it!
The Batman Villain Test The Riddler Take it!
Which OS is best for you? Freedom is great! Take it!
Belief VS Knowledge Agnostic Theist Take it!
The What Meat Are You Test?! mmmm! Red Meat! Saturated with BLOOD. Take it!
The Stupid Test The Super Pure One Take it!
Would you rather.....test Youre a moldy cheese Take it!
Gearhead Test Little old lady Take it!
The are you really dumb Test you are one of the dumb masses Take it!
The How Strong Is Your Whatever Test The Average Believer Take it!
The Which Producer Are You Test CLUELESS Take it!
Zombie Evolution/Human De-evolution Professor Take it!
Car Crazy Quiz Average Joe Take it!
The Ideal Hobby Test Sex Take it!
The does your sense of humor suck test Not quite a pussy, but still not worth bragging about Take it!
Are you a video game junkie test? The Video Game Junkie Take it!
Sith or Jedi Test Sith Lord Take it!
The Name That Musician Test Top 40 Fan Take it!
ARe you an Ass test 0% DonkPigy! Take it!
Killer Movie Quotations Quiz 15% Pure! Take it!
The Multiple Intelligences Test Predominantly Musical Take it!
The Nationality Preference (W. Euro) Test Spaniards are your Style Take it!
Which animated BFF (best friends forever) pair are you? Friendship test Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane! Take it!
The "What's My Fantasy Pet?" Test T-Rex Take it!
The Which Vampire Clan Fits You Test Nosferatu Take it!
The Post-Apocolyptic Survival Test Camp-Happy Lawyer Take it!
The Which SUPER HERO are you Test Spiderman Take it!
The Which Drug Are You? Test Weed Take it!
The Absolute Final Fantasy Test Final Fantasy VI Take it!
The What Movie Genre are You? Test You are 28 % Action, 32 % Romance, 56 % Comedy, 64 % Horror! Take it!
The SUPER VILLAIN Test Agent Smith Take it!
Are You Weird? You Are 42% Weird! Take it!
The your SEINFELD identity Test Elaine Take it!
The Well-rounded cartoon watcher's test 72% knowledge! Take it!
The Imaginary-Job Employment Test Leprechaun Hunter! Take it!
Transformers Fan Character Archetype Test The Combat Specialist Take it!
The Hellsing Character Test Alucard Take it!
The Uber Hard Movie Quotes Test 42% Knowledge! Take it!
The Free Boobs test C-Cup Take it!
The Ohmigod Test Venus - Goddess of Love and Beauty Take it!
The Chess Mess Test The King's Merchant Take it!
The Color Code Test Color Code: WHITE: The Peace Keeper Take it!
The Tolerance Level Test Normal Take it!
The Think you remember the 80's? Test Thank the great god Balki! You're finished! You scored 26 out of a possible 30 Accuracy Points, and you earned an extra 5 Bonus Points! Take it!
The Which 80s Movie Scientist Test Wyatt Donnelly Take it!
The How Much Of a Criminal Mastermind Are You Test The Civil Servant Take it!
The Bedroom Manner Test Content Romantic Take it!
The Which Holy Beast are You? Test Pangu Take it!
The Zombie Apocalypse Personality Test The Accomplice Take it!
The which philosophy suits your personality? Test Synthetic Perception, by Kant Take it!
The Understanding The Natural World Test Educated Take it!
The Who is Your Type Test The Shy Creative Take it!
Which of the "Big Five" personality traits best represents you? Agreeableness Take it!
A Random 80s Sitcom Quiz Eighties Sitcom Master Take it!
How anti-social are you? Anti-Social Take it!
The Would You Win a Darwin Award Test The High School Drop-out Take it!
What Kind Of Celebrity Would You Be? The Extra Take it!
The "Are You a Workplace Wiseass?" Quiz THE Wiseass Take it!
How well do you know these "Funny Phrases" Test? 100% Knowledge! Take it!
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Bridge of Death test. King Arthur Take it!
The 9-Variable Humor Intelligence Test SCREWED Take it!
Your Net Worth Test Off the shelf item, worth $1200 Take it!
The How Funny Are You, Really? Test THE PUNSTER Take it!
Your ghetto weapon of choice The Bat Take it!
The 80's Test The 80's Bad-ass Street Punk Take it!
The Money Psychology Test Money Lover Take it!
The What Type of Random Are You Test Game Of Life Take it!
The Martial Arts Test 0 Take it!
The What Supernatural being are you? Test Mortal Take it!
The It's Friday The 13th Test 2 good luck, 9 bad luck, 2 dumb luck - J Take it!
The Not-Misspelled Devil or Angle Test Demon Take it!
The Cars Test 100 Car-ness, 100 Knowledge, 100 Triv Take it!
The Are You A Total Douchebag Test 14 % douchebag Take it!
The Should You Be On the Road At All Test 16% spaced out, 42% nice, 45% daredevil Take it!
The ID, Ego, Superego Test 27 ID, 63 Ego, 17 Superego Take it!
The Thinking Style Test 12 - You are a What! Take it!
The Why it sucks to work with you Test 12 - Where are you!? Take it!
The Are You A Stupid, Annoying Customer Test 69 Shopper Smarts - The Average Custome Take it!
The One-Question Super Hero Test Wolverine Take it!
The Top Box Office Movie Quotes Test 78% Blockbuster Movie Watcher Take it!
The Beer Test 34 % Beer Master, 60 % warm Pabst - Cate Take it!
The Blooded Test Test 115 Primal, 110 Loyalty, 55 Playfulne Take it!
The In-Depth World of Warcraft Test B- Take it!
The Ethics Test All too Human Take it!
The how WoW are you Test 9 - Hai buddy Take it!
The How Did They Commit Suicide Test 70% Suicidal Take it!
The God of War knowledge test Test 100 Variable #1 Take it!
The Which Type Of Fart Are You? Test Gaseous Green Cloud Take it!
The Absurdity Quotient (AQ) test Test 685 Take it!
The Flashlight Test 26/57 Flashaholic Take it!
The Which KOTOR Character are you? Test 12 Anger, 18 Logic, 4 Kindness - GoTO Take it!
The what kind of person I am Test I am %52 %74 and %8 Take it!
The Audial and Visual Test The Eyes-Have-It - 45% Audial, 73% Visua Take it!
The Tough Guy Test 59% Tough Take it!
The What Special Operations Force Are You? Test 170 is an arbatrary number! Take it!
The How Long Could You Run From The Law Test Caught after 5 years Take it!
The TV Character Family Name Test Neilsen Family Take it!
The Viking Age Persona Test 14% leadership, 31% spirituality, 47% vi Take it!
The Would You Rather... Test 36 Quirkiness, 58 Practicality, 7 Mem Take it!
The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything Test The Conqueror Take it!
The Totally Far Fetched Tough Question Test 79 Loyalty, 3 Greater Gooder, 0 Indes Take it!
The Mel Brooks Quote Test 72 Quotes from Mel Brook's movies Take it!
The Man Behind The Mask Test 39% Infallibleness - You're, Rocky Denn Take it!
The Advanced Mythbuster Test 80% Advanced Mythbuster! Take it!
The which heavyweight boxer do you resemble the most? Test 81 % Power, 38 % RingGeneralship, 77 % C Take it!
The how much do you suffer from awesomeitus? Test 57 Awsomeitus Take it!
The Rather Difficult Ratibron Trivia Test 35% Knowledge - Genius Take it!
The what Street Fighter character are you? Test 10 Ryu, 11 Guile, 66 M. Bison, 40 Sa Take it!
The How White Trash Are You? Test 28% white trash Take it!
The Army Role Test 80% Attacking, 57% Cover, 66% Defense, 7 Take it!
The Do you even know ....? Test 58 % Centered, 44 % Emotional, 50 % Repr Take it!
The Stupid Random Trivia Test 40 Correctness - Not Even Respectable Take it!
The Advertising Slogans Test 4/20 correct Take it!
The Painfully Easy 4chan Internet Meme For Great Justice Test 46% - ED user. Take it!
The A quick and simple affection test Test 47 Take it!
The What Kind of Games Should You Play? Test 62 Gamer - Advanced Gamer Take it!
The Level of Adjustedness Test 49% The Cosmopolitan Take it!
The REAL Zombie Survival Test 83 Weapon/Survival, 73 Leadership, 56 Take it!
The Which Poker Pro Are You Test - Daniel Negreanu Take it!
The Racism and White Privilege Test 75 racism, 80 white privilege - Catego Take it!
The Which Greek God(dess) Should You Pray To Test Poseiden (Sea) Take it!
The The 80's IQ Test 75% Take it!
The Which Old World of Darkness Werewolf Auspice Are You? Test Ragabash (5% Honor, 47% Glory, 15% Wisdo Take it!
The Adorkable Test Test 71% Adorkable Take it!
The Old West Gunslingers Test 37 - Wild Bill Hickock Take it!
The Which Crime Fighting Organization is Right for You Test Sheriff Take it!
The What kind of Bastard are you? (Pulp Fiction Style) Test Marsellus Wallace Take it!
The SAT Evil Subject Test 400 score out of 800 - Adolf Hitler Take it!
The Ridiculousness of Life Test 15 Ridiculousness Take it!
The What Quark Are You Test Anti-Strange Quark Take it!
The Which Japanese Feudal Lord do you most resemble? Test Date Masamune Take it!
The Clerks II Test 100% - Category 1 Take it!
The What Sports Team Are You? Test Boston Red Sox Take it!
The Romantic Ability (for men takers) Test 61 % Rico Suave`, 45 % Don Juan, 43 % Se Take it!
The "What's Your Inner Blood Type" Personality? Test Blood Type A Take it!
The What animal hybrid are you? Test 52 Agression, 52 Speed, 47 Intelligen Take it!
The What Ice Cream Flavor Are You and your Soulmate? Test Strawberry Take it!
The Big Night out with Burpleston - yet another waste of time Test 59 - Bright lights part 2 Take it!
The are you an independant person Test 21% dependancy - Fully Independant Take it!
The Suggestibility Questionaire Test 45 % questionnaire1 - The Emotional One Take it!
The Orgasm Test 86 % willingness, 90 % attentiveness - Take it!
The Ethical Net Test 76% net-ethical: Thoughtful Take it!
The amazingly easy, will make you feel better about yourself Test 75% Take it!
The Which form of magickal protection would work best for you? Test Prayer Take it!
The What Poker Hand Are You Test 83 Poker Savvy - K-K Take it!
The how well do you know Futurama Test 35% Futurawesome Take it!
The Super In-Depth Conflict Strategy Test 37 % Accountability, 24 % Aggression, 49 Take it!
The Not Perverted Test Huge Pervert - 31% NOT PERVERTED Take it!
The Super Mario Bros Super Test 75% Nerd factor 0% Think yer funny - Cat Take it!
The Would you survive THE horror movie test Test 31 - ULTIMATE SURVIVOR! Take it!
The Can you survive in the wilderness? Test You're 30% able to surive in the wildern Take it!
The Which Weapon of Mass Destruction Are You? Test Dirty Bomb Take it!
The Is Your Life the Way It Should Be? Test 55 satisfaction Take it!
The Are you a Rock Test 37% - Better then most! Take it!
The Tough Questions Test 75% Tough Take it!
The Vulvular Anatomy and Cunnilingus Test Know 64%, Skill 90%, Motiv 50% Take it!
The What type of Anxiety Disorder do YOU have Test 4 anxiety - Generalized Anxiety Take it!
The Smart Ass Often Mistaken Facts Test 30% Take it!
The Look In The Mirror And Discover Your True Self! Test the Darkness, 49% True Darkness Take it!
The Relationship Defense Mechanism Test Moderate Denial Take it!
The "Yes, there is a name for that" Test 31% Knowledge on these obscure terms Take it!
The He Man character personality Test 3 Benevolence, 12 Directness, 9 Initiati Take it!
The How Annoying Are You Test Not too bad Take it!
The Which Spice Are You Test Salt Take it!
The How Would You Commit Murder? Test The Arsonist Take it!
The Questionable Morality Test Questionable decisions Take it!
The are you what i crave Test 770 sexuality, 764 sexiness, 711 happ Take it!
The Zombie Invasion Test 14 - Zombie Killer Take it!
The which British town are you Test 29 Prosperity 26 Chav - Northampton Take it!
The Super Duper Morality Test 45 - The Sun! Take it!
The Outdoorsy Test 83% Outdoorsy Take it!
The Can you speak fake German? Test 44% Take it!
The what does your favorite color say about you Test your 1temperment Take it!
The Dyslexia Test 5% Dyslexic Take it!
The Random Board, Card, and Video Game Knowledge Test 67% pro-gaymerness - Casual Gamer Take it!
The Road Trip From Hell Test 79% - Jack Kerouac Take it!
The Sensual Male vs. The Absurd Perv Test 67 % Extreme-A Good Friend, 49 % Just Ri Take it!
The Rock Star Persona Test Tom Petty Take it!
The Your Driving Style Test Test 21 Grandpa, 8 Obvious, 63 Normal, 35 Ear Take it!
The Gettysburg Test 36% - Sergent Take it!
The Thunder Cat Test 5 Lion-o, 0 Snarf, 15 Panthro, 10 Mumra Take it!
The what type of person are you? Test 64 % self esteem - The Jester Take it!
The Terrible Test 83 gummi bear, 95 starburst, 108 butterf Take it!
The Pure Verbal Intelligence Test 16 % Take it!
The Ultra Ultimate Personality Test 19 Extroversion, 65 Intuition, 13 Emotio Take it!
The Which Looney Tune Are You Test You are Yosemite Sam! Take it!
The Smurf Personality Test Jokey Smurf 58% Interpersonal 86% Take it!
The Really QUICK Reassuringly EASY Test 10 Awesomeness - Freakin' Genius! Take it!
The Song Title (Name The Artist) Test 56% Correct Answers, 46% Blues, 59% Rock Take it!
The History of Video Games Test 24% Game-Wise Take it!
The strangely accurate personality Test INTP Take it!
The Hypocrisy Test 40% Hypocrisy - On the Fence Take it!
The Understand a grl's fantasies? Test 81 % Variable #1 - Pretty good Take it!
The Are You Epic Test 17 Epic-ness - Heroic Take it!
The Randomness Test 23% Weirdo, 16% Strange, 25% Freakazoid, Take it!
The How Kalla-Compatible Are You? Test 52 % k-compatibility - Close Friends Take it!
The Kalla's Quirky Quotes Test 0 nonhumor, 30 Kyili, 33 Bastion, 36 Take it!
The what effects ya love Test 23 Take it!
The Somewhat Difficult Analogies Test 28% - Pretty Good. Take it!
The Pearly Gate useless knowledge Test 16 Heaven 2 Hell Take it!
The OH GOD ZOMBIES Test 57 Win, 16 Fail Take it!
The What Type of Person are You? Test - Take it!
The What Mario character are you Test - Wario and Waluigi! Take it!
The Alternative Job For You Test The Rock Star Take it!
The Grains of Sand Test 30 % Undesired, 8 % This is living?, 42 Take it!
The Bitch/Asshole Test Take it!
The Ultimate Liberal/Conservative Test 58% - Liberal Take it!
The Overall Intelligence Test 62% OIQ Take it!
The Drivers Test 68 Consideration, 93 Attention, 71 Ef Take it!
The Ultimate Final Fantasy Test Lv. 36 Final Fantasy geek! Take it!
The Futurama Character Similarity Test 0 Morality, 20 Intelligence, 5 Empathy, Take it!
The South Park Character Test Which South Park Character Are You? Take it!
The Tick or Teat! Test - Dr. Nippy McTickson Take it!
The are you a good driver Test Sensible & Great Take it!
The Are You A Bad ASS MOTHAFUCKA Test 72 % toughness, 60 % bad-ass-ness Take it!
The 2 Frogs Commitment Attitude Test Take it!
The 100 point music taste Test 39 good taste - Bad Taste Take it!
The Expert Horror Movie Test 46% Expertise! Take it!
The which comic are you akin to Test George Carlin Take it!
The which sex animal are you? Test 52 % sweet, 42 % playful, 33 % fearless, Take it!
The Do We Think Alike Test Good Taste from Sam39son Take it!
The How Effed Up Are You Test 9 % Effed Up Take it!
The lostness Test Lostness = 18% Take it!
The Retard Test I am 0% retarded! Take it!
The !!!!!Evil Dead!!!! Test 82 - Ash Take it!
The imagination Test 56% Take it!
The Unexamined Life Test - Something's Missing Take it!
The Got The Money Test 59 % Past, 70 % Present, 75 % Future - D Take it!
The Beaver vs. Monkey vs. Robot Test the Turnip Take it!
The racially biased iq test Test 128 iq Take it!
The resistance to self-change Test 64 resistance Take it!
The Critical Thinking Test Logic:46 Skepticism:48 Take it!
The Life Philosophy Test 76% Intellegence, 56% humility, 30% spir Take it!
The Music sense Test Sinner Take it!
The Match Game PM Test 83% - Charles Reilly Take it!
The color personality Test 28 color, 28 personality - blue/ list Take it!
The Funny TV Trivia Test 50% - C- Take it!
The Dutch city of my liking Test Echt Take it!
The Critical Paranoaic Surrealist Test 55 Large Mammals, 44 Snobbery, 19 Lob Take it!
The Your Reality vs. Mine Test 68% In Reality, 24% My Reality, 32% Beyo Take it!
The Music Mogul Test 155 BEGINNER, 155 HARDCORE!, 110 CLOSE-M Take it!
The Would You Score a Second Date Test 52 % Intelligence, 16 % Arrogance, 65 % Take it!
The Mind Compatibility Test 56 Fun, 38 Weird, 25 Average, 6 Boring - Take it!
The Action Test 9 % Luck, 45 % Will to Survive, 47 % Dea Take it!
The Which Soda are You Test Coke Take it!
The What Is Your Badass Career? Test 37 Artistic, 40 Outgoing, 68 TOUGH - Take it!
The Lookalikes VS Real Celebs Test You spotted 8 evil lookalikees! Take it!
The Historical Hero Test - You killed McKinley! Take it!
The Hate, Use, Like, Love You Test - Like Take it!
The could we do movies? Test 173 me - Alright! Take it!
The The Game Test Test 100% - king of games Take it!
The what decade are you? Test 80% 90's ness 20% 00's ness Take it!
The cartoons test Test 3 - gamer Take it!
The Not so Common Knowledge Test Test 32% - Elementary! Take it!
The Cluster A Personality Disorder Test 5 Paranoid, 8 Schizoid, 4 Schizotypal Take it!
The X-Men personality profile Test 150 arrogance, -50 compassion, 40 sex Take it!
The what characters did you like? Test 40 inbetween, 30 the villain, 10 goody-t Take it!
The Do You Need Help? Test % Psychotic Take it!
The Doom Fortress Test Owns a Doom Fortress Take it!
The Do you know your Movie Tagline Test 72 Master Tagliner, 28 Normal Tagliner, Take it!
The True Man Test 12 true man, 11 not true enough - Take it!
The Major 70 Sins in Islam Test 37 out of 70 Sins! Take it!
The What is Your Type Cast? Test The Maniac Take it!
The Clever Asshole or Dumb Idiot Test 11 Clever Asshole, 4 Dumb Idiot - You Take it!
The what flavour crisp am I Test 6 class, 6 modernity - Roast Chicken Take it!
The World of Warcraft Addiction Test 23 Take it!
The Which Hero Archetype are you? Test The Warshade Take it!
The Inspired Trivia Test 56% - Category 1 Take it!
The Are you ready to be a SOLDIER? Test 111 Honor, 84 Courage, 72 Selfless Se Take it!
The Apocalypse Survival Test 27% Preparedness, 42% City Skills, 58% Take it!
The 20 Questions Compatibility Test Amusing Guy Take it!
The why do you use okcupid Test desperado Take it!
The Sexually Adventurous Test 61% - Pretty Adventurous!! Take it!
The what is your music style Test 64 The Rockstar, 33 The Popstar, 75 T Take it!
The harder mechanicly inclined Test 70 mechanical - pit crew Take it!
The Reckless Reconnaissance Test 52 % Force Attuned Take it!
The Action Hero Test Ash Take it!
The Achewood Character Personality Test Little Nephew Take it!
The Moral Conflicts Test Test - 2/3rds Conflicted #3 Take it!
The Fantasy Dungeon Adventure Test Deepest Darkest Cell - 33,000 Take it!
The Automotive basics Test 61% - Mechanic Take it!
The are you mechanically inclined Test 97 logical, 95 mechanical - master mec Take it!
The Monty Python & The Holy Grail Test 92% Worthiness - King Arthur Take it!
The First Try Test Hot Take it!
The State Highway Worker Test 52% Take it!
The Sick Sense of Humor Test 35 ill humor-ness - You sick fuck Take it!
The Movie Test 400 taste in movies Take it!
The WHAT DRIVES YOU Test 2 Accomplishment, 0 Love, 4 Acknowled Take it!
The Sexual Purity Test 58% Pure Take it!
The Are you a psycho murderer Test 33% chance of being a Psychotic murderer Take it!
The Random Fact Test 60% Truth Take it!
The Redneck Test Certified hillbilly Take it!
The Do We Hate the Same Music Test 50 Compatibility Take it!
The Trick Questions Test 30 - Monkey Take it!
The Are You Name Brand Orientated Test 60% brand name orientated Take it!
The What classic truck are you? Test 38 Atki, 54 Volvo, 66 custom, 46 Ford Take it!
The Which Crazy Rockstar Are You? Test Bjork Take it!
The I remember the 90's Test 83 % 90s Smart Take it!
The Weapon & Equipment Tactics Test 58% Sharpminded 68% Brilliant Leade Take it!
The MASH 4077 Test 80 Take it!
The Random Test 58% Humor 0% Creativity Take it!
The Outdoor Adventure Test 62% The Enthusiast Take it!
The Beverage Identity Test I taste like Champagne! Take it!
The Refreshing Drink Test 0 - Soda Take it!
The existential Test 39 depth - Take it!
The Terrible Ex-Boyfriend Test The Author! Take it!
The Band Test 2 Take it!
The Spaceballs the Test 5 knowledge Take it!
The Make a Mixtape Test 28 Variable #1 Take it!
The Question-Answering Style Test 50/50 answering style - Direct Take it!
The Dirty Questions Test 68% Adventurous 68% Explorable - Categor Take it!
The cartoon character phrase Test 75 % toonowledge Take it!
The Could You Be An Evil Overlord Test 71 % Evilness, 35 % Power, 7 % Intellige Take it!
The Mythical Creatures Test 100 in knowlege of mythology Take it!
The Tolerance Test TOLERANCE score: 4 Take it!
The Absurdism Test Happy Absurdist Take it!
The Are We Musically Compatible Test 60% Take it!
The Six Degrees of Sociopath Test You are 26% sociopathic! Take it!
The Optimism Test 37 Optimism - Totally Realistic Take it!
The Shawshank Redemption Trivia Test Andy Dufresne Take it!
The What's Your Damage? Test 11% Take it!
The Ultimate Heavy Metal Songs Test 45% - Fair Enough Take it!
The Random Trivia quiz Test 42 % Variable #1 - Almost the Best Take it!
The How demonic are you Test 57% Power, 84% Evil, 72% Scariness, 37% Take it!
The Four of Rock and Roll Test 13% The Beatles, 5% Rolling Stones, 0% T Take it!
The Choosing A Martial Art Test 8 Inquiring, 5 Active, 9 Internal, 6 Ext Take it!
The Fun Way to Pick a Career Test Farmer Take it!
The Do you know your LOLCATS? Test 67% Take it!
The Form Four-Base Morality Test 54 empathy, 55 intention, 27 enlightenme Take it!
The Mad Scientist Test 30% Mad 40% Scientist - Sane Scientist Take it!
The double meaning Test 57 % terminology Take it!
The What class are you? Test 20 % Rogue, 86 % Warrior, 11 % Paladin, Take it!
The TRANSformation Test 4 Take it!
The Maybe-Real Creatures Test 21 Take it!
The Moral Politics Test 2 Moral Order -9 Moral Rules - Capital R Take it!
The "I like your style, dude..." Test 95 % Stylepoints Take it!
The Smarty Pants Test 71% Smarty Pants Take it!
The BS Index Test 69% Take it!
The Non Sequitor Test 60 % Random - Wacky Take it!
The True World of Warcraft Test Test 39% Take it!
The Pro Wrestling Gimmick & Quotes Test 102 % - Stone Cold Take it!
The Comedy Test 10 Mainstreem, 13 Stupid, 18 Smart, 19 N Take it!
The Southpark Test 0 Cartmanness, 57 Kennyness, 28 Stanl Take it!
The Character Analysis Test 46% Organization, 28% Morality, 53% Adap Take it!
The What Baggage Am I Lugging Test Backpack - 34% baggageness Take it!
The People Pictures Part 2 Test 9 correct Take it!
The How Innocent Are You Test 60% Naughty 40% Innocent - Quite Naughty Take it!
The how u gonna die Test 8 % Variable #1 - death by accident Take it!
The how campo are you Test 57 campo-ness Take it!
The how fuckable are you? Test 63% - " The good fuck" Take it!
The can you quote a film like me? Test 80% - FILM BUFF!! Take it!
The What Instrument would you play Test 55% Drummer, 56% Bassist, 32% Guitar Take it!
The What ROCKER are you Test 21 Take it!
The Verbal Obscenity Test 68% - Champion Cusser Take it!
The Non-Sequitur Personality Test Ghost Town (and 50 vacuums) Take it!
The How Sane Are You Test 100% sane! Take it!
The Which Armed Service is for You Test 25% aiming high, 10% deck swabbing, 50% Take it!
The General Geek Knowledge Test Geek Aspirant (46 geek exposure) Take it!
The Pantera Test 70% Southern Master 14% Dumb Ass Take it!
The Heroic Death Test My heroic death: Mauled by orphans Take it!
The Are You Compatible With Me Test 81 compatibility - Match Made in Heaven Take it!
The Super Troopers Trivia Test 48% Super Trooper - #CATEGORY% Take it!
The Are You A Huge Herb Test 62 % Herb - Herb Take it!
The Apathy Test 70 Energetic, 50 Spontaneity, 25 Lazi Take it!
The What fantasy race are you Test Human Take it!
The How important is music to you? Test 52 passion, 62 importance - Wanderer Take it!
The Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure Test Zombie Fodder Take it!
The Ready To Don The Mask? Test 54% virtuous, 26% quixotic Take it!
The Would You Survive Racoon City Test 76% Wits 64% Adaptability - Smart and sl Take it!
The Death by 1967 Film Test You will be done in by "The Big Mouth" Take it!
The Weird is Sexy: Weird Al Fan Test 55 Al Knowledge / 66 Weirdness Take it!
The How will I die? Test My death will be the result of: Cocker s Take it!
The "Why Do People Hate You?" Test 10% Rudeness, 0% Annoyingness, 50% Borin Take it!
The White and Nerdy Test 23% White nerdiness Take it!
The What Industrial Band Are You? Test Nine Inch Nails Take it!
The Real 90's Rock Lyrics Test 45 Memory Take it!
The Living in a Fucking Dreamworld Test 26% Brainwashed Take it!
The What Type Of Sexy Are You? Test 78% Classy n' Chic, 79% Smooth n' Sleek, Take it!
The How Things Work Test Knows 40% of Everything. Take it!
The Metal Match Test 26 taste 26 compatibiity - We mosh toget Take it!
The Do You Know Your Movies Test 73% Take it!
The Parody of Ignorant Tests Test 100% body odor Take it!
The Monty Python 'n The Holy Grail Test 80 Variable #1 Take it!
The Are You Stupid, Daft or Silly? Test 13 Stupid, 23 Daft, 24 Silly - Normal Take it!
The Zombie outbreak test. Test 152 - Alive and kicking :D Take it!
The Do you rock? Test Rocks 81 % Take it!
The If I wrote a song about you Test click for song title Take it!
The which dwarf are you Test 68 Dopey, 0 Grumpy, 40 Bashful, 76 H Take it!
The Black and White (and Grey) Test 28% Take it!
The Are you as WierD as mE test Test 67% Wierdness 35% Nerdliness - Unbridled Take it!
The Which Horrible Disease Are You Test 30% pestilentiality - The Bubonic Plagu Take it!
The can you name the jingle Test 100% - 1337 haxx0rz!!! Take it!
The Common Myths Test Gullible Take it!
The Are you bizarre Test 77 Wierdness Take it!
The F***ed up in the head test Test 62% crazy Take it!
The Extensive Personal Hell Level Test 47 Sinfulness - 5th Level of Hell Take it!
The what Guts are you Test 78% Black Swordsman, 31% Band of the Haw Take it!
The Stand-Up Comedy Test You are. . .Jim Norton Take it!
The Arcane Knowledge and Survival Test 48% Study, 30% Intuition, 51% Survival Take it!
The How big are your balls? Test 59% Ballsy Take it!
The 80's Music Trivia Test Retro Fan Take it!
The Four Horsemen Test 20 Pestilence, 70 War, 20 Famine, 50 Dea Take it!
The Sublime Philosophical Crap Test N-A-R Take it!
The Which Lolcat Are You? Test Lion Warning Cat Take it!
The stupidity Test 0% stupid 84% not stupid Take it!
The Impossible Choices Test Balanced Human, 0 skipped Take it!
The Unrecognized Genius Test 64 % UNRECOGNIZED GENIUS! Take it!
The Are you a Bullshitter? Test You are 33% full of shit! Take it!
What Basic Humour Are You? 50 % Warmth, 75 % Moisture - Water Take it!
The What song are you Test 55% darkness 33% sadness - Beautiful Peo Take it!
The Reactionss Test 0% Kind, 65% Average, 80% Mean, 0% Rando Take it!
The Roger or Dodge Her Test 58% - Category 1 Take it!
The Ends Justify The Means Test 34% - Borderline Take it!
The true Jeep Wrangler driver Test 48% Jeepiness - Serious Jeeper Take it!
The what element are you Test 48 % Fire, 19 % Water, 57 % Earth, 34 % Take it!
The What kind of zombie are you? Test 0 romero, 10 rotld, 80 evildead, 10 lenz Take it!
The Dark Matter Test Ignorant Take it!
The Metaphysician Test 40 Materialism, 70 Phenomenology - The Take it!
The Good idea, Bad idea Test 68% Take it!
The Lover Style Profile Test The Exotic Lover Take it!
The How much of a rebel are you Test 69 % Rebelious Take it!
The whats my weapon Test 11 weapon Take it!
The how stupid or smart you are Test 46% Take it!
The Do You Speak Engrish? Test 0% Take it!
The Guessing Celebrity Morphing Test 21% Guessing, 78% Accurate - Face Read Take it!
The How Well You Know These Bands Test 100 Metal Madness, 100 Punk - Wannabe, Take it!
The TransFormers geek alert Test Transformers Take it!
The 90's Cartoons Test 9 = 90's zing! Take it!
The How Will You Die? Test 0% Take it!
The Which Final Fantasy Character Test 4 Friendliness, 2 Patience, 7 Power - qu Take it!
The Are You A Real Man? Test 65 % Manliness Take it!
The Stupidity Intolerance Test 60% tolerance, 55% stupidity Take it!
The Which of the Seven Deadly Sins Test Squeaky clean Take it!
The Philosophy Test Edmund Husserl Take it!
The 80's Cartoons Test 10 Take it!
The Are You Crazy Test Crazy Test Take it!
The People Pictures Test 3 correct Take it!
The Which Ancient Language Are You Test 34 Ideogramatic, 61 Syllablic, 31 Alp Take it!
The Are You A Dating Horror Story Test 6 % Creeptastic, 6 % Annoying as @#$ Take it!
The basic car knowledge Test 50 knowledge Take it!
The "What Drink are You" Test -5 - The Bud Light Bottle Take it!
The Supreme Jay and Silent Bob Test 59 Points Take it!
The which forgotten craze are you Test Battletoads Take it!
The How Special Are You Test 47% Specialossity Take it!
The What Car Are You? Test 12 sportiness - Bug Take it!
The are you a 'Stick-to-it' Gamer Test 87% Patience Take it!
The WWAAD Test 27% - So-so Take it!
The what celebrity am I Test 25% Annoying, 60% Hot, 10% Funny, 5% Var Take it!
The what game character are you V2 Test 30% Evil, 30% Brave, 20% Dumb, 20% Varia Take it!
The Child of the 80's Test 11 - Child of the 80's Take it!
The Fundamental Weirdness Test Wannabe - 40% mad, 30% wild, 30% wannabe Take it!
The 80s & early 90s kids shows Test 20 out of 33! - Smart - Simon Take it!
The DVD of Your Life Test 2-disc Special Edition Take it!
The Minimum Intelligence Test 100% - Sufficiently Smart. Take it!
The What kind of wrestler are you Test 5 Crowd Favorite, 80 Creepy Dude, 15 Big Take it!
The Which games are best for you? Test 21 Roxxor, 41 Newb, 27 RPer, 38 Casual G Take it!
The THE REAL METAL TEST Test 53% Take it!
The 40K race Test 68 ruthless Take it!
The What Pop-Up Are You Test 51% - Congratulations Take it!
The Do You Amuse People Test 75% "Interest Sparked" Take it!
The Who am I really? Test 42 % Who Am I Really? Take it!
The Creativity and Madness Test 48 insanity Take it!
The bitchin' music Test 73 - Category 1 Take it!
The Zombie Survival rate Test 79 Survival, 72 Helpfulness, 69 Kik-A Take it!
The are you a typical American Test 73% High School Graduate Take it!
The which Aqua Teen are you Test You are Master Shake!! Take it!
The Everything Except Squid Test 66%Super Silly-ous Take it!
The Snoozability Test 23% Take it!
The Ultimate Mythbusters Test Mythbuster Intern Take it!
The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test Undifferentiated Take it!
The Which Punctuation Mark Are You Test The colon Take it!
The Long range? Melee? Buffer? Test 49 Long ranged, 64 Melee, 29 Buffer/Debu Take it!
The Dark Humor in History Test 40 - Likes history Take it!
The Which Goonie Are You? Test New Age Goonie Take it!
The Techie's Acronyms Test 75% - "WIZ" Take it!
The Bad Ass Test I am 80% bad ass. Do you respect? Take it!
The Political Objectives Test Establishmentarian Take it!
The Stupididity Test I'm 19% Stupid! Yaaay! Take it!
The Beavis and Butthead Test You Suck!!! Take it!
The Worst Thing To Say In Bed Test 60 Bedside Manner - Abstinent Take it!
The What is your Learning Style Test 18 Auditory, 56 Visual, 25 Kinestheti Take it!
The Updated 21st century Per-ality Test 65% Adaptability, 65% Individuality, 74% Take it!
The Can you lay the SmackDown? Test Legend Take it!
The Are You an eHarmony Reject Test eHarmonica-rejected Take it!
The Bill and Ted's Bodacious Test 66% - Excellent! Take it!
The Classic Rock Intelligence Test 93 Knowledge Take it!
The Horror Movie Trivia Madness Test 72 No Ledge Take it!
The Are you a Creepy Test 11 Creepy, 50 Non-Creepy Take it!
The Music Test 63% Good Taste, 31% Bad Taste, 5% You su Take it!
The Money Test 4 ambition, 2 greed, 0 mindset Take it!
The Science Myth Test 70 % Science Prowess Take it!
The Office Space Movie Test 79% - Consultant Bob... Take it!
The Christopher Walken Personality Test I play Christopher Walken. Hey, it's a Take it!
The Fisticuffs Psychology Test Pure Force - 63 % Aggression, 43 % Cunni Take it!
The Gun Nut Test Plinker Take it!
The What Warhammer Faction am I? Test Dwarfs Take it!
The Knowledge vs. Intellect Test 7/9 Intellect Take it!
The What Type of Human Are You? Test Upstanding citizen: 57% Do Gooder, 51% D Take it!
The Which Musician Am I? Test Arthur Lee Take it!
The Where Should You Live Test You should live in a Farm or Ranch Take it!
The If I Had a Million Dollars Test Spent $740000 (Sugar Daddy/Mamma) Take it!
The Why Are You Single Test 14 despair, 0 relationship potential, 67 Take it!
The What SHOULD you look like Test The Common Guy Take it!
The 2-Variable Intuition Test All-Around Awesome: (77%, 77%) Take it!
The Totally Random A-Z Trivia Test 61% Correct Take it!
The Triforce Test 22 % Courage, 50 % Wisdom, 47 % Power - Take it!
The Wot in Blazes is a CannonTower Test Trident White Nutritition Facts Per 1 Pi Take it!
The How Fucked Up Are You Test 40 Inner Fucked Up, 20 Outer Fucked Up Take it!
The What Is Your MPAA Film Rating? Test R -- 25 Nudity, 54 Violence, 49 Langua Take it!
The South Park Trivia Test 55% South Park Knowledge Take it!
The How many Animals Can You Name? Test 57 General Brains, 45 Real Knowledge - H Take it!
The jack of all trades test Test 2 Take it!
The Are you Miss Guitaress dream? Test 72 % Facts about you, 75 % Life and like Take it!
The 80's Mixed Music Trivia Test - The Cars Take it!
The WhatScaryMovieWouldYouStar In Test 62% - Resident Evil Take it!
The Which Imaginary World Fits You Test Discworld Take it!
The Where You Should've Been Born Test 80/20/0 - USA Take it!
The Blonde, Brunette, or Redhead Test 66/0/33 - Brunette/Redhead Take it!
The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test The Paladin Take it!
The Beautiful Faces Test Keira Knightley Take it!
The Which Transformer Are You Test 50% Leadership, 46% Loyalty, 56% Confide Take it!
The Your Type of Girl Test The Girl Next Door Take it!
The Random Things That Amuse Me Test 56 randomness Take it!
The As Seen by Intelligent People Test Pseudo-Dandy Take it!
The Really Hard AC/DC Test 61 knowledge Take it!
The Best Personality Type for You Test ISTP - The Crafter Take it!
The Family Guy Character Test Chris Griffin Take it!
The BASIC KNOWLEDGE Test 92% s-m-r-t! Take it!
The historical figure resemblance Test Emperor Nero! Take it!
The How You Will Die Test Choking Take it!
The Your SESAME STREET Persona Test - Oscar the Grouch 27% Organizatio Take it!
The Commonly Confused Words Test English Genius Take it!
The Are You Good For My Band? Test 70% - Potential Bandmate Take it!
The Dumb and Dumber Test 100% - Genius Take it!
The Seinfeld Test 72% - Kramerica Employee Take it!
The Do you want to see my pussy? Test Amateur! Take it!
The How White Are You Test I am 55% White Take it!
The 4-Variable IQ Test 80% interpersonal, 160% visual, 20% verb Take it!
The Tits, Ass, and Cuteness Test Skinny and Cute (29% T, 31% A, 64% C) Take it!
The Morbid Fascination Test 50% Take it!
The Goonies Test 65% - Chunk Take it!
The Villains' OKCupid Test 61% Innately Evil, 40% Machiavellian Take it!
The Who in Ancient Rome Are You Test 14 privilegedbirth, 24 scholarliness, 19 Take it!
The Real Choose Your own Adventure Test SEALED- Outcome D Take it!
The Which Norse Deity Are You Test Thor Take it!
The Japanese Demon Profile Test Gaki-do Take it!
The Survival as a Zombie Test Marauder Take it!
The Star Wars Personality Test Han Solo Take it!
The Choose Your Own Adventure Test 70% health, $6, 55% appeal Take it!
The Calvin Or Hobbes Test 50% calvin, 50% hobbes Take it!
The Which Lego Minifig Are You? Test Captain Redbeard Take it!
The Outdoorsman Test 100 - Category 1 Take it!
The are you a good gamer Test 14 Take it!
The Oh Crap...I knew that Test 6 smartness Take it!
The Sword Type Test Katana Take it!
The Are you probably going to Hell Test 62 % Take it!
The If you were an 80's metal band Test 55 - The Misfits Take it!
The Alternative Recreation Test Paintball Take it!
The who the hell am I, really? Test The Worker Take it!
The Career Aptitude Test Firefighter Take it!
The What Form of Humor Do You Have Test Your Humor Falls Into this Category Take it!
The Wildlife Identification Skills Test Fish/Mammals Take it!
The Fantasy RPG Nemesis Test The King Take it!
The Have you played enough NES? Test 57% Nintendo Power - Kid Icarus Take it!
The Are You Really a Car Guy? Test 55 True car guy, 45 Ricer Take it!
The What Hardcore Wrestler Are You Test 64 aggressiveness, 66 desire, 64 creativ Take it!
The Game Cheat Test NORMAL Take it!
The Arnie Movie Test 107 Awesomeness - Awesome Arnie Fan Take it!
The greatest ever 80s Test 75 - totaly tubular Take it!
The Music (Rock Music That Is) Test 61% MusicKnowledge Take it!
The '80s and '90s Sit-Com Themes Test Who's the Boss?, 95% TV-theme retention Take it!
The how much you know 80's songs? Test 90 knowledge - expert Take it!
The What tarot card resembles you Test The Chariot Take it!
The Perfect Job For Me In Hell Test You're a Torturer! Take it!
The what song is your life Test 10 suffering, 35 happiness, 81 contentne Take it!
The Do You Annoy Your Co-workers? Test 100 annoying to colleagues Take it!
The Indiana Jones Trilogy Test 82% Indy Lore Take it!
The Man Test 81% - Johnny Cash Take it!
The Monty Python Holy Grail Trivia Test 81 Grail Points Take it!
The probably too easy Movie Test 83 Movie Savvy Take it!
The could you deal with Emilie Test Probably not for me Take it!
The Extremely Quick Personality Test The Assassin Take it!
The Craftiness Test 58 crafty Take it!
The How humourous are you? Test 76% humourous Take it!
The Sin City Character Test Hartigan Take it!
The North American Trivia Test 21 American Logic Points. Take it!
The Do *YOU* Remember The 90's Test Child Of The 90's Take it!
The 80s Cartoon Personality Test Inspector Gadget! Take it!
The Brutally Honest Personality Test Criminal- ISTP Take it!
The Personality Defect Test Spiteful Loner Take it!
The 'where will you be in 5 years' Test 80 % happiness, 0 % status, 20 % money, Take it!
The Does Your Music Suck? Test 32 taste in music Take it!
The 'Clerks' character Test 27% Dante, 63% Randal, 9% Veronica, 0% C Take it!
The Are You Really A Spaceball Test 100 wit Take it!
The Big Trouble In Little China Test 75% - Wang Chi Take it!
The LONG Scientific Personality Test ISTP- The Crafter Take it!
The Sarcasm Test 90% Sarcastic - The Mocker Take it!
The Mythological God Test Mictlantecuhtli Take it!
The Greek Mythology Personality Test Hermes Take it!
The Which X-Man Are You Test 370 - WOLVERINE!!! Take it!
The Chaos Test The Well Balanced Take it!
The World of Warcraft Addiction Test 65% Addicted- Well on your way! Take it!
The Elemental Temperament Test 7 Intuitive Fire, 12 Thinking Air, 7 Fee Take it!
The who in Star Wars are you? Test 60% Boba Fett, 6% Darth Sidious, 33% Obi Take it!
The pythonesque Test Pythonosity of 50 % Take it!
The Famouse Movie Quote Test Test 80 Knowledge - Not to bad Take it!
The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test 4- the Individualist Take it!
The Badass Test Capable; 64% Badass Take it!
The Who are you in the FF Universe Test You are Seifer! Take it!
The best Wow class for you Test 37% Aggresiveness, 21% Magic, 69% Defenc Take it!
The METAL KNOWLEDGE Test 47% METALITY - You are getting there...! Take it!
The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Test knowlege Take it!
The How Redneck are You Test 54% Redneck Take it!
The '80s One-Hit Wonders, Part 3 Test 65 80s mastery Take it!
The '80s One-Hit Wonders, Part 2 Test 70 80s mastery Take it!
The '80s One-Hit Wonders, Part 1 Test 65 80s mastery Take it!
The How GWAR are you Test 111 - ULTRA GWAR!! Take it!
The Generation 1 Transformers Test Devastator - 8/84/97/12 Take it!
The Army Of Darkness Test 93% - Ash Take it!
The Guitar Hero (the video game) Test Guitar Man Take it!
The What Transformer are you? Test 21 Heroicness, 55 Evilness, 63 Overthrow Take it!
The Great Video Game Music Test 60 expertise Take it!
The Useless Information Test 68 intelligence - Kinda Dorky Take it!
The ULTIMATE Pro-Wrestling Trivia Test 33% wrestlingosity - Barry Horowitz Take it!
The What Car Fits You Best Test 44/56/56/66 - Sports Take it!
The Real WoW Test 44% scored Take it!
The Ultimate 90s Rock Knowledge Test 61 90s Rock Fan Take it!
The Can You PWN a Paladin? Test 62 ability to PWN a World of Warcraft Pa Take it!
The Which Aqua Teen Character R U Test Happy Time Harry Take it!
The What Gun Would You Be Test 42 Reliability, 5 Accuracy, 77 Power, 0 Take it!
The Director Who Films Your Life Test Kevin Smith Take it!
The how hick are you Test 64% Redneckness Take it!
The World of Warcraft knowledge Test 52 addicted to WoW Take it!
The Mortal Kombat Test 86 pure strenght, 38 fighting skills Take it!
The are you a child of the 80's Test 18 80s Trivia Take it!
The what tattoo should you get Test tatoo crazy Take it!
The Classic Nintendo Test 89% - Link Take it!
The What Super Hero/Villan Are You Test Nightcrawler Take it!
The how sarcastic are you Test 69 sarcasticness - Sarcastic Take it!
The Do you really rock? Test 84 rock factor Take it!
The Where in Hell will you suffer? Test 52 Virtuant, 57 Shallowness, 53 Violence Take it!
The What Guitarist are you? Test 15 Rhythm, 15 Style, 10 Soul - Eric Clap Take it!
The Insane Riddles Test 85 Madness Take it!
The Car Test 100 Knowledge Take it!
The Autobot vs Deceptacon Test 75 autobot, 35 deceptacon Take it!
The Medival Battle Test 79 Crazy Warrior, 0 Weapon Master, 22 So Take it!
The what pro wrestler are you? Test 36 Personality Take it!
The Mortal Kombat Test 43 knowledge Take it!
The What Type Of Movie Genre R U Test 0 Horror, 20 Comedy, 0 DramaSuspense, 0 Take it!
The medieval weapon you would use Test 71 technique Take it!
The the movie test Test 62 quotes, 62 cast Take it!
The How Handy are you Test 90% Handiness - Handiness Master Take it!
The Virtuous or Villainous Test 2 Valor, 2 Villainy Take it!
The View Askewniverse Quotations Test 28 AskewKnowledge, 25 Snoogans Take it!
The Ultimate Survivalist Test Survived 31 Days Take it!
The the REAL how evil are you test Test 71 Evilness, 2 Goodness, 16 Care for oth Take it!
The Movie Quote Awareness Test Movie Quote Awareness is : 65% Take it!
The snake knowledge Test 68% - Ball Python Take it!
The Mitch Hedberg Awareness Test 88 Hedbergism - Hedbergs Incarnate Take it!
The Are You Old School? Test 88 % Old School Take it!
The Tourette's Guy Test 93% - Honorary Tourette's Take it!
The Basic Videogame Knowledge Test 100% - Mario Take it!
The do you know the KONAMI CODE Test Code yes Bonus no Take it!
The Impossible Car Geek Test 14 300zx turbo Take it!
The Mortal Kombat Test 83% Mortal Knowlege Take it!
The 80's Icon Test 80's Baby!!! 93% Take it!
The Worthy Monty Python Fan Test 69 Pythonesque - French Guard Take it!
The If You Were A Beer Test Guinness Take it!
The Chaos God Test 38 ardor, 28 decay, 52 decadence, 14 pow Take it!
The which rpg type are you? Test 40% characterpoints - ranger Take it!
The which MK character are you Test 59 pathetic loser Take it!
The Are You a Child of the 80's? Test 85 tubularity Take it!
The House of 1000 Corpses Test 40% Capt Spaulding, 10% Mother Firefly, Take it!
The Power Tools Test 45 Toolyness Take it!
The Which Hot Rod Are You? Test 57% handling, 64% reliability, 55% speed Take it!
The What Guitar Chord Are You Test Asus4 Take it!
The "Do I have a stick up my ass?" Test Yep Take it!
The Nintendo Test 44 % Powergamer Take it!
The Music Lover Test 37 Variety, 3 Skill, 60 Knowledge, 22 Ab Take it!
The PvP playstyle Test 17 ganker, 34 expert pvper, 55 casual pv Take it!
The Knightishness Test 225 courage, 175 loyalty, 250 responsibi Take it!
The How Fucked up are You Test You are 43% fucked up! Take it!
The Choose your next planet Test I'm going to immigrate to Take it!
The Super Mario Personality Test 20% Mariousness, 80% Koopishness - Koopa Take it!
The Resident Evil Combat Test 7 Take it!
The What's Your League? Test The Cute League Take it!
The Kubrick Film Character Test 78 troublepoints Take it!
The Which Movie Villain Are You Test KHAAAAN!! Take it!
The Lifestyles of Silly Persons Test Ninja/Hook&Monkey Take it!
The WoW addict Test 28 Addict, 68 Causal Player, 37 doesnt p Take it!
The True Manliness Test 91% Manliness Take it!
The Music Snob Identification Test Snob Stereotyper Take it!
The Are You a Hick? Test 70% Hick - Total Hick Take it!
The Febreze VS Duck Tape Test 0 Febreze, 7 Duck Tape, 3 Combination, 2 Take it!
The Which DeathBear Are You? Test CholesterolDeathBear Take it!
The METAL Test I Am A 54% Metal Slave!!!! Take it!
The Full Metal Jacket Test Jarhead Take it!
The MMORPG class Test 100 Warrior, 37 Mage, 41 Archer, 66 Medi Take it!
The Angel Test Jophiel Take it!
The What Planet Are You From Test 58% - Jupiter Take it!
The Princess Bride Obsession Test 91% movie knowledge, 75% other knowledge Take it!
The Testicular Fortitude Test 15/21/50 - Iron Take it!
The RPG Class Test Assassin Take it!
The How much of a gamer are you? Test 62 gamer Take it!
The Adapt, Adopt and Improve Test 72% Flexibility, 80% Cleverness, 75% Nas Take it!
The Which hot girl do you deserve? Test You deserve.... Take it!
The Punk-Ass Redneck Test Bubba! Take it!
The be ye pirate? or be ye ninja? Test 0% pirateness, 85% ninjaness = FULLY NIN Take it!
The Your TV Pilot Test Rehab Ranch Take it!
The What Kind of Music Are You Test 29% - Raver / Clubber Take it!
The Can You Read Women Test 28% Don Juan, 44% hopeless romantic Take it!
The Are You a Sick Guitar Player? Test 673 Dedication, 574 Technique Take it!
The Murder-Weapon of Choice Test Resurrection Machine Take it!
The Dogma Knowledge Test 100 Dogma Knowledge Take it!
The Should You Even Bother With Me Test congratulations! you got 64 points out o Take it!
The Heavy Metal Frontman Test 30 occultism, 25 hedonism, 7 depression, Take it!
The Oh-so-Quotable Movie Test 83 Movie lines Take it!
The Casual Star Wars Test Test 42 Star Wars knowledge Take it!
The Zombie Epidemic Certification Test Zombie epidemic survival certified Take it!
The Boondock Saints Test 100 saint status Take it!
The True weapons test Test 83 weapons choice Take it!
The Do you know the 80'ies Test 85 % a child of the 80ies Take it!
The What Video Game Are You Test The Gun Nut Take it!
The am i kind to my car Test 55% car condition, 92% treatment Take it!
The Video Game Knowledge Test 81 gamerishness Take it!
The Natasha Likes Metalheads Test HOT METALHEAD!!! Take it!
The Social Ineptitude Test Social Drifter Take it!
The can you be a rock-star?.. Test 46 ability to rock, 38 skill level Take it!
The Creative CUSSING Test 77 - Carefree Cursor Take it!
The What make of car suits me? Test Subaru Take it!
The Mortal Kombat Test Your Might! Test 88% Good guys knowledge, 93% Bad guys kn Take it!
The Safe weapons operation Test A bit rusty...! Take it!
The Pro-Wrestling Mega Fan Test 70 Fan Value Take it!
The Which Nintendo Villain Are You Test Ganon(Gannondorf) Take it!
The Are You an Idiot Test Social Butterfly Take it!
The World of Warcraft Class Test Destructive Magic! Take it!
The Where's My Evil Counterpart Test 43% Yes, 28% No, 3% WTF, 27% Perfect - Take it!
The 3 Variable Funny Test the Idiot Savant Take it!
The Chicks that Rock Test 70 Girl Rocker Knowledge Take it!
The Rob Zombie test Test 86 knowledge, 92 good tastes Take it!
The Are you an asshole Test 37% asshole Take it!
The Video Game Experience Test 53 OldSchooledness Take it!
The Asshole Test 60 Asshole - Not Bad Take it!
The X-Men Character Test Wolverine/ Colossus Take it!
The Excellent Movie Trivia Test 38 Take it!
The That 70's Show Character Test 77% Intelligence, 78% Sarcasm, 46% Lovab Take it!
The Mutt Lange Test 77 Shania Points (95 Compatibility) Take it!
The My Favorite Movies Test 80 movie coolness Take it!
The Commonly Misheard Lyrics Test 86 lyric knowledge - Rockstar! Take it!
The Movie Quotage Test 76 Film Knowledge Take it!
The Rockocity Test 88% Rockocity Take it!
The Cheese, dandilions & Eric Idle Test 50 kookiness Take it!
The Cartoon Character Test Stewie Griffen Take it!
The Get Screwed by my Mechanic Test 100 variable 1 - Car Smart Take it!
The World of Warcraft Personality Test 12% druid, 20% paladin, 24% warlock, 44% Take it!
The Lacey's Video Game Trivia Test 84 Knowledge Take it!
The Do You Know Your Idioms Test Smarty Pants Take it!
The Which dead rock star are you Test Martin Lamble Take it!
The Punishment for your Sins Test Wrath Take it!
The Which Insane person are you? Test 575 Insanity, 405 Intellegence, 595 Hate Take it!
The Smart-Ass Test Sarcastic Take it!
The Weirdness Test 49% weird Take it!
The scientific awareness Test 60 variable 1 Take it!
The Are you a maggot Test 88 music taste, 87 knowledge Take it!
The What Kind of Insulter Are You Test 55 attack, 50 delivery, 33 injury, 33 of Take it!
The How Metal Are You Test 35% Metalness Take it!
The 80s and on Movie Mastery Test 48 knowledge - Universal Soldier Take it!
The Where the Fuck am I? Test 78%Scatterbrained Take it!
The Brutal Honesty Test 41 kindness, 50 honesty, 57 selfishness Take it!
The What kind of metal do you like Test 2 Black metal, 5 Thrash metal, 1 Progres Take it!
The Do You Like Shit Music Test 67 intelligence, 76 talent, 18 sheep qua Take it!
The Mythbusters Test 68% CORRECT Take it!
The Are you easily offended Test 24 Offence Take it!
The badass apotheosis Test 75% vivacity, 40% benevolence, 43% intel Take it!
The Evil Villain Test Green Goblin - 55% maniacal, 58% intelli Take it!
The how do you fight? Test 24 fighting method Take it!
The Umbrella Employee Test 11 Scientist, 56 The Boss, 73 The Soldie Take it!
The End of the World Test 100 will, 82 cruelty, 9 compassion, 100 Take it!
The Goonies Test 71% - Fratelli Take it!
The Military Test You are 88% militaristic. Take it!
The What Kind Of Poison Are You Test 71% Arsenic, 57% Mercury, 75% Strychnine Take it!
The Good And Evil Test 26 Goodness, 50 Evil Take it!
The World of Warcraft Class Test Hunter 11 squishiness, 20 healing, 60 mi Take it!
The Monty Python Character Test The Knight of Ni Take it!
The Sarcasm Test 61 Sarcasm, 32 Offended Take it!
The Are you a Pennsylvanian Test 70% Pennsylvanian Take it!
The Knight In Tarnished Armor Test 42% Harmony, 22% Attitude Take it!
The What's Going on Your Headstone Test 47 points Take it!
The How Will You Be Remembered Test 0 good, 57 evil,14 nuetral, 28 stupid Take it!
The Stereotypes Test 50% stereotyping - Stereotypes what? Take it!
The am i evil Test 90 evil, 0 angel, 0 stupid Take it!
The Movie Recognition Skills Test Movie Buff Take it!
The What's your Action Hero type? Test 60 Agression, 23 Stealth, ZZZ Tact Take it!
The Best Movie Quote Test 98 variable 1 Take it!
The Final Fantasy Character Class Test Master (60 Melee, -30 Black Magic, -30 W Take it!
The Farting Persona Test 17 Exuberance, 13 Resonance, 11 Malevole Take it!
The WoW Class Selector Test 30 Cowardness, 30 Bravery, 40 Motivation Take it!
The Surviover, the ultimate zombie Test 88 Smarts, YYY Strenth, ZZZ Morality, WW Take it!
The what monster are you?? Test 92 werewolfness, 58 vampnesss, 43 zombie Take it!
The Are you an Asshole? Test I am a 0% total asshole! Take it!
The Can You Name This Band Test 37 Insanity, 55 Music Knowledge Take it!
The What's Your Signature Weapon Test Battle Axe Take it!
The Which Video Game Are You Test 25% - 1st Person Shooter Take it!
The Dirty Word Usage Test 24 - The Sometimes Cusser Take it!
The Final Fantasy VII Test 84% knowledge - Cloud Strife Take it!
The Who's Your Roomate in Hell Test 27/39/50 - Cigarette Limbo Take it!
The Spaceballs: The Test 94% Lone Star Take it!
The Which Futurama Character R U? Test You're Bender! Take it!
The What kinda car person are you? Test 15 Import car, 48 Sports Car, 36 Truck, Take it!
The which That 70s show character Test 35 - Michael Kelso Take it!
The Which Biblical Villain Are You Test The Demon Take it!
The Video Game Vol. 1 Test 70 Take it!
The What Color Threat Level Are U Test 52% - Mauve Take it!
The AR-15/M-16 Test Tracer (45%) Take it!
The How Much Do You Annoy People Test 120 annoying Take it!
The Dark Comedy Test 12 knowledge Take it!
The Big, Bad & Brutal Ideology Test 22% Nazi, 7% Communist, 29% Feudalist, 4 Take it!
The Jedi or Sith Test 2 Force Take it!
The 7 sins Test 40 nice, 55 bad Take it!
The How Hardrock are you? Test 26 ROCKER, 5 LOSER Take it!
The Zombie Survival Test 72 Background, 64 Preparation, 72 Suriva Take it!
The things NEVER to say to a woman Test Genius! Take it!
The Useless Firearms Trivia Test 68 Trivia Take it!
The what instrument would you play Test 10 Guitar, 3 Bass, 2 Drums, 0 Just go ho Take it!
The what rock star are you? Test 36 rocker ability. Take it!
The NEW are you from a Small Town Test 79% - The Real Thing Take it!
The 'Am I Really Evil?' Test Mike is 21% Evil IMO! Take it!
The Do you know your rockstars? Test 100% Rockstar Knowledge Take it!
The quotes from movies Test 0 variable 1 Take it!
The Bad Taste in Music Test 33 Conformity, 44 Pretentious, 22 Stupid Take it!
The Horrifying Stereotype Test Drunken Irishman Take it!
The REAL Rock Test 12 - Ah yeah.... Take it!
The putasugarinmymouth&pissonmytea Test 69 Hunter S. Thompson Take it!
The do you ROCK as much as ME Test 33 rock points Take it!
The How Stupid Are You Test 64% Stupidity Take it!
The Survive this Horror Movie Test Dead on Arrival Take it!
The Hero Test 15 variable 1 Take it!
The pain tolerance Test 62 kinkiness, 2 weakling Take it!
The Which X-man are YOU Test 96 - Wolverine Take it!
The Dirty Mind Test 87% Dirtiness - "Filthy" Take it!
The Fantasy Survival Test Anime Faggot Take it!
The Nice, Asshole or gross Test 40 Scum Score, 22 Gross quotient, 48 Ass Take it!
The are you really an asshole? Test 63% jerkitude Take it!
The Light or Dark Test -141 niceness, 279 evilness Take it!
The what weapon fits you Test 95 violent, 92 skill Take it!
The Are you Evil Test 1732 Evil Take it!
The how much of a gun nut are you Test 34 - piss poor Take it!
The Future Career Test 33 creativity, 42 reliability, 57 ambiti Take it!
The What is your REAL age Test You're 38 !!! Take it!
The Cynic Test Cynic Factor: 44 Take it!
The Vengeance Test 68 forethough, 61 cruelty & 73 creativit Take it!
The What Bed Item Are You? Test Mattress Take it!
The I Never Knew That About Myself Test 65 behavior, 74 stereotypes, 55 relation Take it!
The GrogLady needs a GrogLord Test 81 compatibility Take it!
The Are You Confident Test 66 self-confidence Take it!
The Mental Stats Test 12 Intelligence, 10 Wisdom, 14 Charisma Take it!
The 80s Rock Test 100% 80's Rock Knowledge Take it!
The Do you know metal Test 53 Machinability Take it!
The Ideal Job for Your Personality Test Lawyer Take it!
The Emo Fag Test Test 27 Emoness Take it!
The Are you my goofy knight? Test 70 Iolanthe's knight Take it!
The Super Villain Test 89% Evilness Take it!
The Suck Test 30 % of me sucks. Take it!
The Smart Enough to Kill a Monkey Test Wow, you only got 35 Monkey Smarts? Take it!
The Devil Test 61 - The Devil in U Test Take it!
The Executioners Test Slicing n Dicing Take it!
The Princess Bride Trivia Test 75 Morgensterns Vizzini Take it!
The Rule a Country Test 26% civil rights, 66% economy, 37% polit Take it!
The Movie Quote Test 73 % Movie Quotes Take it!
The Definitive Redneck Test 62% Redneck Take it!
The How Would You Rule The World? Test The Fence Rider Take it!
The Are You a Real Man Test 90 manliness Take it!
The Kitty Kitty Boo Boo Fuck Test 32 Compatability Take it!
The Which Feudal Japanses Weapon Test 10 honor Take it!
The whowouldyoubein2300 Test 77% Space Invader, 55% Mutant, 88% CockR Take it!
The Are you as weird as my salmon? Test 80 randomness, 82 weirdness Take it!
The Guardian Test 100% Protective Take it!
The Quintessential Odd-ball Test 45 % weirdness, 35 % insanity The oddbal Take it!
The Coyote, Wolf, Dog Or Sheep Test 53 Coyote, 55 Wolf, 39 Dog, 6 Sheep Take it!
The Who The Hell Are You Test 85 personality Take it!
The Which Movie Villain Are You Test 27 - Ultimate Villian Take it!
The TRIFORCE Test 70 TriForce Take it!
The Are you up on your rock music? Test 51 % musically hip Take it!
The 80s and 90s Sitcom Test 50=Cool Points Take it!
The SNAKE BITE!!!!! Test 30% Snakebit! Take it!
The Asshole's Politics Test Heartless Neocon Take it!
The my high standards Test 72 quality Take it!
The How Well You Know Classic Rock Test 10 / 20 Songs known Take it!
The Heavy Metal Test 63 metal head Take it!
The United States Army Rank Test 85 Corporal Take it!
The "This is ridiculous!" Test 61% meant to be, 51% peers, 57% buds Take it!
The BASIC classic rock Test 80% classic rock background Take it!
The What Hideous Monster are You? Test 75 %monstrosity, 75 %Evil Jabberwock Take it!
The Creature of the night Test 70 sleep patterns, 93 disposition Take it!
The Image Reaction Test 20% Amusing, 5% Disturbing, 20% Arousing Take it!
The wwe finisher Test 168% - WWE king Take it!
The Military Test 61 Marine Corps, 79 Army, 32 Air Force, Take it!
The Could you be a Gunslinger Test The Ugly (dead) Take it!
The Are you a crazy person Test 69 %Total loonie Take it!
The A vs B (no shades of grey) Test 18 - Light Grey Take it!
The Ninja Skills Test 78% Ninja Skills Take it!
The Are You TERRIBLE? Test The Mild Offender 47% Terribility Take it!
The POOP Test 90 Ice Burg, 83 The Log, 94 Richard Simm Take it!
The How much do you know? Test 68 Knowledge of me Take it!
The Dream Job Test The Fire Lookout Take it!
The Pseudo-Intellectual Test The Honorary Degree or 64% Anti-Psuedo-I Take it!
The what & whose pet would you be? Test #Arnolds hen!#, #Elvis lobster!#, #Madon Take it!
The basic Car Audio Test 60 Take it!
The Random Coolness Test 89 random cool points - You're midway Take it!
The Random Movie Quote Test 61% random quotes Take it!
The Are You Weird Enough For Me Test 40 Similarities, 48 Oddness Take it!
The Stupid vs. Elite Test 76 Intelligent Take it!
The View Askew Test Test 86 variable 1 Take it!
The Skirts Super Mega Doopa Rock Test 69 variable 1 was this users score in Sk Take it!
The Evil or Good Twin Test 38 Take it!
The pigeonholing you unfairly Test 2 Me-ness, 2 ability to bore, 0 hippy qu Take it!
The Halo or Horns Test 76 Horns, 17 Halo Take it!
The Offensive Stereotyper Test 76 Stereotype Take it!
The the quirky movie, comics etc. Test 47 %quirkiness, 47 %know how Take it!
The Rational/Emotional Test 31 rationality, 50 emotionality Take it!
The WWE Test 97 WWE Factor Take it!
The Horrible Person Test 46 Horribleness Take it!
The Mini-Mosher Test 18 mini-mosherness % mini-mosher The Di Take it!
The What Action Hero Are You Test 70 Heroability Take it!
The Could You be an Evil Overlord Test 80 Evilness Take it!
The How Socially retarded are you? Test 74 socially retarded Take it!
The Which Chemical Element Am I Test Barium, 66 Mass, 15 Electronegativity, 3 Take it!
The Are You An Asshole Test 54% - Normal Take it!
The wrestleing Test 65 Powerful, 33 Technical, 12 Speedy, 82 Take it!
The are you my cheezball Test :o are u gladstone? Take it!
The new video game knowledge Test 419 knowledge Take it!
The Muppet Personality Test 48 Mood, 57 Energy Take it!
The what kind of driver are you Test You are the "it's about you" Take it!
The How Weird Are You Really Test 30 True Weirdness, 20 Normalness, 20 Att Take it!
The true zombie survival Test 92 zombie survival points Take it!
The Art of Cursing Test 159 Take it!
The G.I Test 20 Modern Solider, YYY Sniper, ZZZ Warri Take it!
The Are You A Good Supervillain Test 77 Supervillainess Take it!
The Half-Assed Fortune Teller Test 66 + 79 + 53 + 59 = ??? Take it!
The All Your Base Test 47% - Operator Take it!
The Gun Nut Test 61 % insane Take it!
The Ultimate Internal Combustion Test Well-Rounded: 58% Practical, 59% Theory Take it!
The Ultimate Goonies Test Your 65% of what it takes to be a Goonie Take it!
The Will You Annoy Me Test 84% - Buddy Take it!
The what martial art should i take Test Get' er Done Take it!
The what will u become after death Test 90 variable 1 Take it!
The Do You Know Cars Test 83 points Take it!
The Personality of the Underworld Test 8 Vampire, 23 Death, 22 Shapeshifter, 24 Take it!
The Movie Fanaticism Test 63 (%) Movie Fanaticism... The Involved Take it!
The could you be the one? Test 68 compatibility Take it!
The what type of vampire are you Test a true bloodsucker Take it!
The do you know your heavy music Test Metal83Head Take it!
The What Kind of Hitman are You? Test 50 Hitmanliness Take it!
The Word Association Test 30 sex-thoughtful, 40 food-thoughtful Take it!
The Fuzzy Bunny/Mouse/Rat/Monkey Test 80% out of 26 on animal testing awarenes Take it!
The alien extermanation Test 69 succesfullness Take it!
The truely evil test Test 0 softy, 12 evil nature Take it!
The JTHM Murder Survey Test JTHM homicidalness Take it!
The Which Fav. Animal Are You? Test 57 QuietLoud, 55 IntuitionSenses, 77 Tho Take it!
The Quest for the Holy Grail Test 90 Grail-Points Take it!
The what you know about cars Test 25% knowledgable Take it!
The Testing,Testing 1,2,3 Silly Test 75% silly Take it!
The bullshit Test 12% Shit, 26% Shittier, 14% Dumb, 50% Ps Take it!
The Metal Lyric Test 63% lyric knowledge, 58% metal knowledge Take it!
The What is your true name? Test My True Name ceremony cost me 372870 Gol Take it!
The Death Gate Cycle Character Test 71 Haplo, 21 Alfred, 65 Xar, 60 Samah Take it!
The which character of mine're u Test "Artist" Take it!
The PIECE OF SHIT: What TURD r u? Test Average Turd Take it!
The MetalAttitude Test OK Take it!
The Do You BELONG In The South? Test Not Totally, But...:
Take it!
The What Car are You? Test 70 Sportyness Take it!
The World of Warcraft Character Test 8 Race, 10 Class, 9 Talent Take it!
The could you take on zombies Test 106 Ass-kick-a-tude points Take it!
The Asshole Test 61 % asshole Take it!
The Mortal Kombat Trivia Test 60-90%: Brutality Take it!
The Obscure Mind-Fuck Movie Quote Test You scored 44% Uber-Geek Movie Quote Mas Take it!
The Horror Movie Survival Test Vigilanty Take it!
The which south park kid are you Test 0%Kenny, 90% Cartman, 0% Stan, 11% Kyle Take it!
The Legendary Guitarists Test 47 % Musically inclined Take it!
The bad ass Test 85 unsocilable Take it!
The What Kind of Weirdo Am I Test 58 Randomnity, 26 Nerdy, 16 Fanatic Take it!
The Which God will you become Test 66 Levels of Ego, 83 Special Powers, 100 Take it!
The What Jedi are you? Test Darth Bane Take it!
The Which Element Are you Test 22 Elemental scoring Take it!
The What's Your Philosophy? Test Regressionist Take it!
The do you DESERVE to live Test 45 worthiness Take it!
The Useless Knowledge Test 60 Useless Knowedge - Dunce Take it!
The Final Fantasy Job Class Test Your class is: Oracle! Take it!
The Role-In-The-Band Test 13% vocalist, 31% guitarist, 54% bassist Take it!
The Right To Die Test 83% compassion Take it!
The Which Superhero/Savior Are You Test 65 Hero Points Duff Man Take it!
The Which of my characters are you Test 60 Blaque, 0 Fang, 60 Trent, 40 Chrono Take it!
The "The Judge" Test 64 Likability, 41 Intelligence, 46 Physi Take it!
The Hickman Test 46 Hickmaness Take it!
The What Planet do you live on? Test 12 awareness Take it!
The How Angelic Test 66% Angelic Take it!
The why am I single? (for guys) Test 64 lackofsocial, 14 meanness, 23 despera Take it!
The Are you what (I think) I want? Test Friend Take it!
The Zone of Ethereal Misfortune Test 8 Naiveity, 14 Survival, 6 Luck, 6 Charm Take it!
The Are you quirky or Weird Test 17 quirkiness, 16 faithfullness, 18 inte Take it!
The chronic verbal dihorrea Test 54% crappy talkness, 9% suck upness, 70% Take it!
The Post apocylypse survival Test 14 Death, 53 Survival, 40 Domination Take it!
The are you a smartass Test 74 smartass points Take it!
The Sense of Humor Test 79% funny, 39% Intelligent, 65% Crude Take it!
The Final Fantasy Character Test 89% Fighter, 0% Red Mage, 11% Black Mage Take it!
The you think you know metal Test 74% metalhead, 20 %poser Take it!
The Engine Test 71 % Take it!
The Are You An Idiot? Test 12 Idiocy Take it!
The What Drives You Test 35% Greed, 10% Knowledge, 10% Sex, 45% A Take it!
The What kind of shark are you Test 33 sexuality, 61 friendliness, 71 indivi Take it!
The Film Master Test 1 You know shit, 4 Could be better, 4 Ve Take it!
The Vampire Clan Generator Test 52 Alpha, 17 Omega, 79 Agressiveness, 12 Take it!
The Swear Word Usage Test 21 relevance, 16 creativity Take it!
The ACRONYMS YOU SHOULD KNOW Test 63 savvy Take it!
The OK!Stupid Test 90 intelligence Take it!
The D&D Class Test Barbarian Take it!
The *D&D Race* Test Half-Orc Take it!
The Movie Quotes Test 62% Quote God Take it!
The Would I Mate With or Maim You Test 66 purrable Take it!
The How Cynical Are You Really Test 71% cynical Take it!
The How Fucked Up Are You Test 33% fuckedupness Take it!
The Human Survival Test %55 Zombie-Tude Take it!
The Ultimate Mallrats Test 100 variable 1 Take it!
The Everquest Class personality Test Shadowknight Take it!
The probability of getting busted Test 65 suspicious, 62 guilty Take it!
The Can You Defend Yourself Test 81% Combat Ability, you're the Master' Take it!
The Would You Annoy Me Test 50 About average. Take it!
The Orange County Choppers Test 61% - Vinnie Take it!
The Traditional Console RPG Test 53% Magitek Knights Take it!
The Ultimate Street Fighter Test 50% fireballs Take it!
The Which RPG Archetype Are You Test Odd Bonus Character Take it!
The WoW-Class Test 37 spirituality, 25 magic Take it!
The Saturday Mornin' Cartoon Test 60% 80s Toonledge Take it!
The Are You from Office Space Test 83 Slacker Points Take it!
The 1990s Modern Rock Test 28 out of 60 in the 1990s Modern Rock Te Take it!
The ultimate nu-metal Test 19 Out of 25 Take it!
The Zombie Survival Guide Test 45 Survival Rating Take it!
The What Is Your Life Worth Test 50% Diverseness, 72% Happyness Take it!
The so incredibly my bias Test 69 % Take it!
The Will I Return Your Message Test 84% compatibile with twicebitten Take it!
The Fuck me that's a film quote! Test 74% - Film Fu*kwit Take it!
The Force Test 10 Force Points Take it!
The MORTAL KOMBAT Personality Test 77% FATALITY - LUI KANG Take it!
The Piss Off Points Test 60 Piss off points Take it!
The Are you dateworthy? Test 39 dateable for avacantstarr Take it!
The Do you like good music Test 70 music intelligence Take it!
The Are you my kinda guy Test 58 compatability, 65 wildness Take it!
The Video Game Trivia Test 89 Video Game Knowledge Take it!
The what alcohol are you Test 41 beer, 25 wine, 25 spirits, 22 alcohol Take it!
The Dumbass Quotient Test 25% dumbass Take it!
The How cruel are you Test Is % 68 Cruel Take it!
The Shakespearean Villain Test You are Macbeth! Take it!
The Mythological Profile Test Werewolf Take it!
The OLDSCHOOL ASSKICKERY Test 49 demerits! Take it!
The Are You A Waste of Space? Test WASTE OF SPACE! Take it!
The Are You Into Metal? Test Weekend Warrior Take it!
The 'Which A-Team member are you?' Test 80% crazy, 40% bad-assed Take it!
The What Futurama Character R You Test 30% Bender, 50% Fry, 0% Amy, 20% Leela Take it!
The general knowledge Test 100 Common sense Take it!
The What Film Action Hero Are You Test John McLane Take it!
The Better Autobot or Decepticon Test Your Score: 36! Take it!
The metalwork Test 35 Take it!
The Classic Rock Test 79 Rockpoints Take it!
The Could You Rule the World Test You have 66% ability to rule the world! Take it!
The Do you Deserve a Nice Girl Test 21 = non-jerkness Take it!
The bad ass Test 63 hard Take it!
The Piratey Test 3 piratey-points, Low-Maintenance Take it!
The What Board Game are You Test 19% Monopoly, 31% Scrabble, 30% Candylan Take it!
The should i respect you Test 75 worth space Take it!
The Don't Be That Guy Test 12 that guy, YYY Cool Take it!
The Christines Mate Test 66 variable 1 Take it!
The Integrity Test eRaF Take it!
The Three Stooges Test 45% Stooge Smarts Take it!
The "Are-You-Right-For-CecilyBug?" Test 85 Compatible Take it!
The Are You an Internet Slimeball Test 14% slimyness Take it!
The Fucking Metal Test Metal Warrior Take it!
The Which wrestler are you Test 71 Goody, 77 Heavy, 45 Stable, 71 Supers Take it!
The Waste of Flesh Test 71% Worthy of Life Take it!
The What Breed Of Dog Are You Test Bassett/Blood Hound Take it!
The Porn Star Name Test 8 - Lil Miss Suckit Take it!
The True Geek Test 78% - The Deviant Geek Take it!
The Highschool Stereotype Test -36 - Punk Take it!
The What Fast Food Chain Are You Test 60 greasiness Take it!
The Left or Right Brain Test 39 Lefty, 52 Righty Take it!
The Quick and Dirty Personality Test "ISTP- The Crafter" Take it!
The Either/Or Test 42 out of 50 possible points Take it!
The Serial Killer Test 49 - Ed Gein Take it!
The Should You Shoot Yourself Test Billy Teenager Take it!
The Kevin Smith Test 83% Take it!
The Enlightened Zombie Survival Test 64 Survival Take it!
The What Drug Are You Test 70 Take it!
The Knight-in-Shining-Armour Test -52 - Rogue Take it!
The Survival of the Fittest Test -6 - You Mean Person Take it!
The --"I PIMP MY FRIENDS"-- Test 59% luba, 45% jen, 42% kait, 48% nat Take it!
The Monty Python A Witch! Test 0% Witch, Angry Villager! Take it!
The Transformer Test Your Transformer Knowledge is 68% Take it!
The Which schizo are you/we Test 68 - Mort Rainey Take it!
The do you deserve to die Test 110 - Dead meat Take it!
The Ultimate Decision Test 8 - The Car, Honest Take it!
The What kind of monster? Test 55 - Great Giant Take it!
The Hitchhiker's Guide Personality Test "Arthur Dent" Take it!
The how kick ass are you Test 63% - You are learning Ass Take it!
The Are you a real man Test 86% - NEANDERTHAL Take it!
The Jay and Silent Bob Test 109 - Snoogans! Take it!
The JERK Test -124 - SATAN Take it!
The How RETARTED are you Test 39% Take it!
The Gun Test! Test 80% - Knowledgeable Take it!
The Predict the Future Test 55 - Travel but get Lost Take it!
The have good movie taste? Test 51% - Movie Date With Me? Take it!
The Driving Test NULL Take it!
The Fate Test NULL Take it!
The Random Absurdity Test NULL Take it!
The Obscure and Random quotes Test NULL Take it!
The ROWDY Test NULL Take it!
The Do you think just like I do Test NULL Take it!
The can you handle my shit Test NULL Take it!
The What Alaskans do for fun Test Take it!
The What Kind of Rock Star are You Test Take it!
The are you wierd Test NULL Take it!
The "Are you the crazy?" Test 21 - Teh Crazy! Take it!
The Who you really are Test 66% - The Blood Bath Take it!
The Twisted Sense of Humor LOL Test NULL Take it!
The Cum On Our Tits Test NULL Take it!
The Awesomeness in Stuff, Fnord! Test NULL Take it!
The Proper Music Taste Test NULL Take it!
The Dumb Luck Test NULL Take it!
The what Nintendo character are u Test 57% - Link Take it!
The are you GAME enough Test Take it!
The Super Mario Bros Test Take it!
The Worst Case Scenarios Test 87 - Survivor Take it!
The Do you get to live when I rule Test Take it!
The are you as sick as me? Test 31 - ILL Take it!
The Homicidal Maniac Test Take it!
The do you know cars? Test NULL Take it!
The Why has God forsaken me Test NULL Take it!
The Night owl Test Take it!
The how much of a pervert are you Test Take it!
The Really Embarassing Stuff Test Take it!
The Sense of humour Test 73% - Very humerous! Take it!
The How Evil Are You Test 62% - Evil Bastard Take it!
The Easy-Going or Over-Critical Test 51 - Balanced Take it!
The The How Offensive are you Test NULL Take it!
The Hit me with your best shot Test 15 Take it!
The movie quotes Test NULL Take it!
The is life sweet or sour Test NULL Take it!
The are you fun to sleep with? Test 59% Take it!
The Pyro Test NULL Take it!
The What Flavor is YOUR Popsicle? Test 66% - Blimey youre a Limey Take it!
The How talented are you? Test 69% - I'm just so proud :) Take it!
The Are we similar Test NULL Take it!
The Do you see purple bunnies Test Take it!
The Knight in Shining Armor Test 65 - the amateur Knight Take it!
The Very Offensive Religion Test -18 - Bhuddist Take it!
The Do you Rock Test Test Take it!
The What Was Your FORMER LIFETIME? Test 32% - The Concubine! YES!! Take it!
The Can you deal with a smart ass Test 183 - Larry The Cable Guy Take it!
The im bored lets see how ya are! Test 89% - Like OMG!@%#@$ Take it!
The (sic) Slipknot Test Take it!
The Useless Knowledge Test Take it!
The are you a fuckin moron Test Take it!
The Finish That Song Test 70% - The Rocker Take it!
The Are you Crazy Enuff for me Test Take it!
The Morality Test Take it!
The The most difficult test ever! Test 60% - The Ugly Stepchild Take it!
The is Laurel out of her mind Test Take it!
The Transformers Test NULL Take it!
The Are you my ideal beau ? Test Take it!
The UPDATED Movies Taste Test Take it!
The Angel or Demon Test 19% - Demon Take it!
The How Philosophical Are You? Test 3 - Oblivious Take it!
The Superhero Test 36 - The So-So Take it!
The Manly v2.04768932 Test 72% - The Man Take it!
The Mental Health Test 44% - The Twitchy Eye Take it!
The You Test 45% - Party animal Take it!
The Risk to National Security Test 20 - NSA Take it!
The Single for how Long Test 58 - Fair-Stretch Take it!
The Movie Tastes, Part 1 Test 57 - Arnold himself Take it!
The reality/fantasy complex Test 69% - Reality or Fantasy? Take it!
The Innocence Test 23 - Tarnished Take it!
The Could YOU Be Canadian Test 12 - Not So Much Take it!
The Independence Test 34% - Cool and Collected Take it!
The Dove or Hawk Test 79% - War Junkie Take it!
The Which Marsupial Are You Test 24 - Koala Take it!
The Pretentious Test -1 - the Caveman Take it!
The What kind of Vampire? Test 62% - Dracula's Cousin Take it!
The Mercy Test 18% - The Fuckshit Take it!
The what Dinosaur are you Test 61% - Tyrannosaurus Rex Take it!
The Horror Test 165 - Grave Robber Take it!
The Breakfast Club Test 93% - Total Fan! Take it!
The random #^$% Test 65 - Jewish Pope Take it!
The what kind of car enthusist are Test Take it!
The the sense of humor Test Take it!
The 47-Point ULTIMATE Metalhead Test NULL Take it!
The are you my psychotic soul mate Test Take it!
The car culture Test Take it!
The treehugger Test NULL Take it!
The Gung-Ho Test NULL Take it!
The Video Game Test 42% - Guard Break Take it!
The evil Test 11 - Evil Take it!
The Boondock Saints Test NULL Take it!
The boondock saints Test Take it!
The car lover Test 75% - The Tinkerer Take it!
The Will you be Destroyed Test Take it!
The Would you Rather Test NULL Take it!
The what type of drinker are you Test NULL Take it!
The How much of an FFX-Fan are you Test NULL Take it!
The cruelty Test Take it!
The Heavy Mettle Test Take it!
The are you a douchebag? Test NULL Take it!
The What the Hell Test 70% - random Take it!
The Hero or Villain Test NULL Take it!
The Goonie Test Take it!
The Random, Useless, Are You Crazy Test Take it!
The Good Sense of Humor Test 74% - Jon Stewart Take it!
The How funny are you Test 41 - Funny as Seinfeld Take it!
The How Easily Offended Are You Test 11% - Howard Stern Take it!
The Road Trip Buddy Test Take it!
The "exactly how nuts are you?" Test 67% - Cashew Take it!
The Automotive Knowledge Test NULL Take it!
The Humour Test Take it!
The REDNECK Test NULL Take it!
The Quest for the Holy Grail Test 78% - Tim Take it!
The What Car Am I? Test Take it!
The Could You Be a Hitman? Test 63% - The Rabid Dog Take it!
The Medival Career Guide Test 103 - High Emperor Take it!
The Kevin Smith Movie Test 80% - Connoisseur Take it!
The MallRats Test Take it!
The What Greek God Are You Test 32 - Ares Take it!
The One Hit Wonder Test 90% - One Hit Wonder Take it!
The Cuddlability Test 16 - The Favorite Teddy Take it!
The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test 68 - A Tad Inexperienced Take it!
The Which Element Are You? Test 45% - Fire Take it!
The Alcohol Knowledge Test 125 - Bourbon Take it!
The are you a SOUL FUCKER Test 86% - Soul Fucker Take it!
The "Chappelle Show, Bitch" Test 19 Take it!
The did you steal my dvd player Test 22 Take it!
The How Much Do I Hate Techno Test Take it!
The Super-Evil Mastermind Test 52% - The Potential Threat Take it!
The Zombie Slayer Test 28 - Barely Survived Take it!
The Pick Up Line Test 52 - I can pick up anyone Take it!
The Adam Sandler Movie Test 16 - Sandler Fan Take it!
The Non-idiotic Heavy Metal Test 46% - The Fan Take it!
The Are You My Guy Test 62% - Good Friend Take it!
The Are You Metal Test NULL Take it!
The METAL Test 72% - Phil Anselmo Take it!
The Old School 8-bit nintendo Test NULL Take it!
The Ferris Bueller Test 79% - Ferris' Best Friend Take it!

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